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'Pretty Little Liars' Season 5, Episode 7: 'The Silence Of E. Lamb'

Brittany Lazar |
July 23, 2014 | 12:24 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Mona is always up to no good... (Twitter, @ABCFpll)
Mona is always up to no good... (Twitter, @ABCFpll)
This week on "Pretty Little Liars," Hanna whips out the alcohol and sass to cope with her feelings about Ali, Aria engages in some risky business at Radley Sanitarium, Spencer faces her sketchy sister yet again, and Emily is still confused about her relationship with Ali. Is Ali’s effect on Rosewood making your head spin too?

In the first scene, Emily walks through the halls with her mom, who has the bright idea to invite Ali and the girls over for dinner. Pam wants Ali to know that she is there for her and figures having all of the girls together would make it more comfortable. The girls meet in the bathroom to discuss the dinner and Ali automatically assumes Pam is working with “A” (really, Ali). Hanna reminds her that Pam cannot be one of Mona’s “secret ninjas.” Spencer mentions that she will go to Ezra’s later and help him search through his stuff for more evidence about Bethany. Ali agrees that they’ll go to dinner, and Hanna boldly responds, “Your wish is our command.” Ali asks Emily to walk her home after school because she is still scared from the night before. She is worried about the bruises on her neck but Emily assures Ali that her makeup and scarf are shielding her just fine. Suddenly Sydney emerges from a stall to introduce herself to Ali and compliment her scarf. 

In the halls, Sydney tells Emily about the dead rat in Paige’s locker. She has not returned to school since then and no one on the swim team has confessed to playing the horrible prank. Emily confronts Mona because who else would play games like this? Mona doesn’t give Emily any answers, but when Emily spots a notebook with Noel’s name on it, Mona simply replies that he lent her his notes as a favor (hmmm whose side is Noel really on?). 

Meanwhile, Caleb is at a lunch table reading, until Hanna comes over to talk. He is getting ready to take the high school exit exam (the book he’s reading on monsters definitely won’t help btw). Hanna is still bugging out about Ali and Caleb advises her to make a run for it. Despite her desire to rid of Ali, Hanna feels that she cannot cut out Ali without losing the rest of her friends. 

Aria begins her first day at Radley and when Eddie spots her, he feels as if they’ve met before. Maybe he has heard stories about her in the past?

Ali finds Caleb in the same classroom because she is required to take the same test in order to get back in to school. Caleb is not happy with Ali and she reminds him the he does not even know her in the slightest. He knows her for what she leaves behind however, like a tornado. 

Back at Radley, Aria is helping out with a painting session, where the patients are asked to draw whatever their hearts desire. A patient named Rhonda calls Aria a thief when she spots the drawing that Bethany sketched of Mrs. DiLaurentis.  A woman in charge of the class defends Aria and explains that Bethany was Rhonda’s former roommate. 

Melissa is back in town and hopes to talk some sense into her mother. Mr. Hastings is staying at her apartment and he seems to be alright for the moment. Spencer mentions that he wants to sell the house and Melissa could care less. She’s more concerned about the fact that the barn is really dirty. Spencer offers to throw away her trash bag but freaks out when she finds a dead rat and a rat trap. Maybe Melissa planted the rat in Paige’s locker?

At home, Hanna is pacing back and forth waiting for Caleb. When he arrives, Hanna questions him about Ali, who apparently told her about their bitter encounter earlier. Caleb is hardly worried about Ali’s feelings and would like to move on. When Hanna asks him about the exam, Caleb admits that he walked out of the test because he simply doesn’t care. When he picks up a beer and tells Hanna to ditch Ali and make her own decisions, she kicks him out. 

Spencer shows up at Ezra’s door to look through his things. Ezra hopes that he can talk to Eddie himself because it appears that Eddie wants them to know something. Spencer reassures him that Aria will be fine doing her own thing. She asks to borrow one of Ezra’s cameras to keep an eye on someone (Melissa, of course). 

Mona stands in front of the Cavanaugh house while construction workers are repairing the damage. Emily catches Mona and attempts to threaten her for possibly scaring Paige, but Mona firmly states that she is not an amateur and a dead rat is “lame.” 

At Ezra’s apartment, Spencer thanks him for showing up on the roof in New York. He admits that he regrets working on the book about Ali and that he really wanted to write about his family. Spencer picks up a camera and reveals that she will use it to spy on her sister. Ezra wants the madness to stop but Spencer isn’t ready to quit just yet. 

While Aria is working at Radley, Rhonda scares her from behind and demands to get her drawing back. This girl is super cranky and threatens to cut off Aria’s hands because she’s supposedly a thief. Eddie interrupts and asks Rhonda to explain but she stays silent. Now that Radley just got really interesting, Aria texts Emily that she’ll be late for dinner.

Since Aria will be late and Spencer also bailed, Emily is not buying Hanna’s excuse to miss dinner. When she sees that Hanna’s not suffering from cramps, Emily tries to find out what is really bothering her. Hanna confesses that she has hit her “Ali limit” and wants Ali to get her story straight. She then asks Emily about their romantic relationship and Emily is not so sure where they stand. Hanna eventually agrees to come over but she must brush her hair first because Emily is not digging the messy look.

Aria sneaks into Rhonda’s room when she leaves to shower. Unfortunately, Rhonda does not get her shower stall and angrily comes back into the room. Aria hides under the bed and is almost crushed when Rhonda sits down. She spots a notebook wedged under the mattress and waits for Rhonda to leave.

At the Fields house, her Pam is laughing with Ali and Emily is clearly uncomfortable. When Hanna shows up, Ali asks her if she has talked to Caleb because she doesn’t trust him. Hanna defends him and Ali reminds her to remember everyone involved in her love triangle. Disappointed in Ali’s lack of support, Hanna spots the vodka and it is all downhill from there.

While Aria leaves Radley she is stopped by Eddie. He knows she is up to something and asks her what she is look for. Before he can say anything else, Aria rushes into her car and lets him know that she will be late to dinner. Probably suspecting that Aria is also looking for answers about Bethany, Eddie calls Ezra.

While at dinner, Hanna starts some trouble because she is tired of Ali’s lies. After Ali vents for a while, Emily’s mom tells her that she cannot blame herself for all that has happened. Hanna rolls her eyes and mocks her, saying that Ali is the special one and there is no one in the entire world like her. The tension in the air is heavy, and Ali asks to help clear the table. When Emily is alone with Hanna, she discovers that she was drinking vodka the entire time. Not wanting to put up with her nonsense, Emily takes away Hanna’s keys and makes her leave.

Since Aria already got her hands on the sketch book, Spencer advises her not to go back to Radley. The picture of Mrs. DiLaurentis and the demon was the last thing that Bethany drew. They find a drawing of someone falling from a window at Radley and immediately assume that it might be Toby’s mom. Maybe Bethany was the patient who witnessed her death? There are also some more disturbing drawings of Mrs. DiLaurentis, and Spencer takes pictures of them to show Toby.

After her drunken incident, Hanna ends up at The Brew, where Sydney approaches her. She can smell the vodka in Hanna’s breath and offers to split a panini. They end up ordering lattes and sit together, which is probably not the smartest idea.  

At the Hastings, Melissa is trying to help her mom cope with everything but she is in a very fragile state. She accuses Spencer of taking their mother’s side and wants this all to stop. Spencer says the whole situation is not about love but lies, Alison, and the poor girl in the ground. Melissa agrees but believes it’s still about love. In an eyebrow raising comment, Melissa hints, “Sometimes people do things they can’t explain and things they regret but it’s still about love.” 

Hanna eats her panini with Sydney and they discuss the tragedy with Toby and Jenna’s house. Sydney finds it interesting that Jenna’s name seems to come up a lot. Hanna says she would love to rake her over the coals (big mistake, Hanna). She also accidently says Shana’s name and mentions New York. Since Sydney is working with both Mona and Jenna, Hanna should’ve kept quiet...

Emily’s mom enjoyed having Ali over but admits that she mostly wanted to see how Emily and Ali would be together. She always knew that there was something more between then. Emily is still working on figuring out their relationship, but Pam warns her to keep an eye out because she heard that Ali’s kidnapping story has some problems. 

Sydney offers to drop Hanna off at home but luckily she spots Caleb and decides to stay. Caleb apologizes and tells her that he shouldn’t be giving out advice about friends. Hanna wants to forget about Ali and focus on the relationship between them. In a bittersweet moment, she tells him, “There is no me and Travis, not when you’re back here” (Sorry Travis fans!). Caleb doesn’t know what he wants; he’s not the same person. Everything around him has changed, but not Hanna. In the moment we’ve all been waiting for, Haleb shares a sweet kiss and everything is perfect again. 

Spencer watches her cameras and spots Ali walking in her backyard, which is odd since she’s wearing completely different clothes from earlier and it’s really late at night.  

Emily calls Paige to apologize for putting her in the middle of everything. She gets an S.O.S from Spencer and quickly heads to her house. 

Ezra shows up at Aria’s house as she is leaving to talk about Eddie. He asked to meet Ezra and never showed up.

After Spencer, Emily, and Aria watch the video, they also bring up Hanna’s odd behavior. They get a text from “A” saying that New York is full of secrets and so is Ali, all because of Hanna’s big mouth. Hanna didn’t get the text, but realizes she messed up big time in talking to Sydney. 

“A” tampers with an engagement party invitation from Aria’s mom to Emily’s mom. What could “A” have against Pam? Guess we’ll have to wait and see until next Tuesday! 

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