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Pope Begs For Forgiveness From Abuse Victims

Kristy Plaza |
July 7, 2014 | 2:33 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Will Pope Francis's apologize be enough for the clergy sex abuse survivors? (Twitter/@mj_santos)
Will Pope Francis's apologize be enough for the clergy sex abuse survivors? (Twitter/@mj_santos)
On Monday, Pope Francis met with victims of clergy sex abuse for the first time, according to Buzzfeed.

During a small mass at the Vatican, Pope Francis asked for forgiveness for all the past abuse the clergy has inflicted upon the sex abuse survivors.

"There is no place in the church's ministry for those who commit these abuses, and I commit myself not to tolerate harm done to a minor by any individual, whether cleric or not," Francis said during mass.

This apology is being called a publicity stunt by some, like Norbert Denef, a spokesperson for a German advocacy group for clergy sex abuse survivors. 

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Pope Francis acknowledged the failing of the church in protecting the survivors, saying "I beg your forgiveness, too, for the sins of omission on the part of the church leaders who did not respond adequately to reports of abuse made." 

Pope Francis is trying to atone for the sins of the church, but will it be enough?

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