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Magic Man At The Troubadour: Show Review

Alison Wotton |
July 14, 2014 | 8:46 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Via Alison Wotton/Neon Tommy
Via Alison Wotton/Neon Tommy
Just two days after the release of their major label debut "Before The Waves," Boston-based band Magic Man played a sold-out show at the Troubadour filled with catchy hooks and contagious energy. The show had been sold out for months and fans eagerly awaited the indie-rock band’s return after the band opened for New Politics at the venue in February earlier this year. But this time Magic Man arrived on the west coast to play their first ever headlining tour with a stellar brand new album in tow.

UK-based band Prides and local Los Angeles favorites Night Terrors of 1927 opened the show, giving incredible performances respectively. Magic Man kicked off their set playing songs from Before The Waves, with fans singing and jumping along to every word. 

At all the right moments, the historic rock venue’s disco ball perfectly matched the band’s electro pop synths and upbeat choruses. The energy of the show never faltered, led by lead singer Alex Caplow, whose remarkable charisma and intensity captured the room. He was perfectly in sync with his band mates, Sam Lee on guitar, Justine Bowe on keys, Joey Sulkowski on drums, and Gabe Goodman on bass – as they gave a powerful, infectious performance. When a band is this full of life, the crowd could not help but sing and dance along.

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Magic Man didn’t miss a beat closing their set with “Paris,” the single off the band’s debut EP.  Amidst cheers, the band returned to the stage for an encore performance of Bruce Springsteen’s classic “Dancing In The Dark” to close out the evening. Upon exiting, fans flooded the merch area and queued up to support this great new band.

Set List:

1. "Too Much"

2. "Every Day"

3. "Apollo"

4. "Out Of Mind"

5. "Catherine"

6. "Nova Scotia"

7. "Waves"

8. "Tonight"

9. "Texas"

10. "Chicagoland"

11. "It All Starts Here"

12. "Paris"


13. "Dancing in the Dark" (Bruce Springsteen Cover)

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