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Uber Driver Arrested After Allegedly Kidnapping Woman In West Hollywood

Will Federman |
June 3, 2014 | 6:27 p.m. PDT


A 32-year-old Encino man who drives for the ride-sharing company Uber has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping a 26-year-old woman for the purpose of sexual assault, according to KTLA

The woman had been drinking at a West Hollywood nightclub and a valet asked the off-duty driver to give the intoxicated female a lift home. But the Uber driver, Frederick Dencer, decided to transport her to a motel room in Van Nuys instead.

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The woman woke up next to a shirtless Dencer and left the motel to call police from a 7-Eleven. Police booked Dencer on Monday after he was found at the same location. The woman was not sexually assaulted or injured.

Uber released a statement on Tuesday defending its policy and immediately distance itself from Dencer. 

"The facts are unknown at this stage and it’s certainly unclear that this is an Uber-related incident, as the driver in question was not logged in, connected to or operating on the platform at the time," the company said in a statement.


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