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'Suits' Season 4, Episode 1 Premiere Recap

Tara Paboojian |
June 12, 2014 | 2:06 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Harvey and Jessica (USA)
Harvey and Jessica (USA)

Good news, Suitors, it’s that time of year again! USA’s widely popular summer drama, “Suits,” is back and kicking off the fourth season with a bang. 

In the finale episode of season three, Mike Ross decided to start over and accept a job as an investment banker with Jonathan Sidwell and leave his fake law career — and Harvey— behind. But fear not Suitors, Mike’s new gig won’t keep him out of the firm for long since he is now a client of Pearson-Specter. 

Season four opens with the gang three months after Mike’s big move and everything seems to be going great. But, in true “Suits” fashion, this firm can’t stay calm for long so “One-Two-Three Go…” starts up the personal, and professional, war that is coming this season. 

Thus, we tackle each of the characters in turn. 

Mike (Patrick J. Adams) 

By the looks of Mike’s new life, it seems that joining Sidwell was a great move for him. He and Rachel are stronger than ever; she balances work and law school at Columbia while Mike rides in style with his new limo!  

However, at work, Mike needs to score a big deal and make Sidwell happy. With his new, spunky, Donna-esque assistant and big office, Mike develops an idea to accquire Gillis Industries but not in the typical way. Rather than starting a hostile takeover of the company, Mike tries to work with the company’s CEO, Walter Gillis, to keep the company intact. Initially, both Harvey and Walter are against Mike’s plan but Walter eventually comes around. 

Determined to show Harvey he can stand on his own, Mike prepares to engage in a “knife fight.” 

Harvey (Gabriel Macht) 

Given his early morning activities, it seems that not much has changed for Harvey since we first met him in season one. Apparently Mr. Specter has been enjoying “breakfast” with numerous gorgeous women each morning. Can you say Scottie who? 

Back in the office, Harvey is greeted by his former associate and their relationship immediately feels different despite their classic banter. When Mike tries to establish authority and independence, Harvey is dismissive and mocks Mike’s idea to acquire Gillis Industries. Against Donna’s advice, Harvey uses Rachel to send a message to Mike but it backfires and causes Mike drop Pearson Specter as his legal counsel. 

Though Harvey eventually decides to put his personal feelings aside and agree to Mike’s proposal, he is too late. At the same time, Harvey is approached by his other client, Logan Sanders, to help him takeover Gillis Industries as well. 

Given the conflict of interest, Harvey must chose between Logan Sanders and Mike. 

Ultimately, Harvey has to side with Sanders, which means he and Mike are about to start a war so prepare for battle Suitors! 

Louis (Rick Hoffman) 

Once again, Pearson-Specter is under attack. This time, the SEC is coming to investigate the firm with prosecutor Jeff Malone leading the way. 

Looking for a way to get his name up on the door at Pearson-Specter, Louis and his side-kick Katrina see this as an opportunity for their gain. Malone is a beast and Louis is the perfect man to defend Pearson-Specter from his attacks.  

However, taking Harvey’s advice about dating and applying it to work causes Louis to withhold his information about the SEC and Malone and therefore costs him big time. Poor Louis! 

Jessica (Gina Torres) 

Pearson-Specter’s leading lady has found herself in an interesting position. Not only does she have a new man looking to woo her, she has a new man looking to work for her. 

That’s right, the bedroom we see Jessica sneak out of at the beginning of the episode belongs to SEC investigator Jeff Malone! 

During an unexpected visit to Pearson-Specter, Malone warns Harvey and Jessica of the attack Eric Woodall has planned with the SEC for them in hopes of getting a job at the firm himself. 

Though Harvey gives her the go-ahead to hire Malone, Jessica can’t decide if she is willing to mix business and pleasure. 

In the end, Jessica tells Malone he can have the job, but he can’t have her. Guess we will see about that… 

Rachel (Meghan Markle) 

It must be nice for Rachel to no longer worry about her boyfriend being exposed as a fraud. Too bad she now has to worry about her boss and her boyfriend being at odds. Since she is now working directly under Harvey, Rachel decides to stay on the Sanders case despite the conflict with Mike. 

However, the episode ends with Rachel presenting a new conflict of interest. Turns out, Logan Sanders is the married man Rachel had an affair before she met Mike. Oh boy! 

Though this episode of “Suits” was somewhat different than what we are used to, there were still plenty of great movie references, sweet character moments, and big surprises! Get ready Suitors, it looks like we are in for a “Lit-tastic” season. 

Tune in next Wednesday for an all-new episode of “Suits” at 9 p.m. ET on USA. 

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