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Pope Francis Speaks Out Against Drug Legalization

Francesca Bessey |
June 20, 2014 | 6:19 p.m. PDT

Senior Opinion Editor

Pope Francis may have been heralded as a next generation pope, but don't expect him to light up a joint with you anytime soon.

As drug debates rage on in countries across the world, and marijuana is beginning its slow ascent into recreational legality in our own United States, the religious icon remains as resolute in his position on drugs as a 1980s public service broadcast: just say no.

During a drug enforcement conference in Rome this Friday, Francis expressed that attempts to legalize recreational drugs "are not only highly questionable from a legislative standpoint, but they fail to produce the desired effects."

I wonder if he feels that way about church wine.

Legalization is just one of many proposed alternatives to traditional drug enforcement. While the results of legalization attempts seem to have been mixed, the nation of Portugal has seen a dramatic reduction in drug use, addiction and drug-related diseases since decriminalizing drug possesion and use (effectively making it a civil infraction) 13 years ago.


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