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LADOT's Guide To Biking In Los Angeles

Adaobi Ugoagu |
June 19, 2014 | 4:36 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

While Los Angeles is still a vehicle dominant city, bicycles are beginning to become a popular option for getting around. Not only does biking save a ton of money on gas and parking, but biking is a healthy lifestyle choice for those that want to remain active. Luckily, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation offers services for those that are exchanging their four wheels for two. Here are some of the best services that LADOT offers on the bicyclela.org website.

Bicycle Maps


Because LA is still developing bicycle friendly lanes, it can be confusing as to how to get around without being a nuisance to traffic. The website gives the choice of looking at all the existing bikeways in Los Angeles, or to download bicycle maps for Downtown, Westside, San Fernando Valley and the Harbor Area. 

Bicycle Parking
Thank god bicycle parking doesn't cost a thing. However, bike theft is more of a risk. They give tips on how to properly lock your bike and where it's most safe to park it. If you know of a place that doesn't have proper bicycle racks or any at all, LADOT has a sidewalk program. You can give them a call and fill out a bicycle rack request form to get it installed. 
Bikes on Transit
A lot of bikers also ride public transportation in order to cut down on car costs. LADOT also accommodates bikers that want to ride the bus or train. For buses, it's as simple as following the 3 simple steps posted on the front on how to load your bike.  As for the Metrorail, since there is more space, there are designated bike areas available until arrival at your destination. Also, there is a phone number to call if a bike goes missing or was forgotten. 
Safety and Laws
While bikers are assumed to have all the same responsibilities as car drivers, most people aren't aware of that and the bicyclela.org specifies the laws and etiquette essential to having a safe ride. That includes wearing a helmet.
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