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Celebrities Who Acted During Their Pregnancy

Zoe Willis |
June 15, 2014 | 1:49 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Panettiere, star of NBC’s drama "Nashville," recently announced
that she and fiancé Wladimir Klitschko are pregnant with their first
child. The question arises: Will her pregnancy be written into the
third season of "Nashville" or will they attempt to hide her baby bump?
The second season ended with her character, Juliette, cheating on her
boyfriend Avery with Jeff. Writing in her pregnancy could easily add
some excitement to the show, but viewers will have to wait to see what
the writers decide as no official statements have been released.

Numerous actresses have filmed high profile motion pictures and TV
shows successfully while pregnant. Some pregnancies are written into
the story line, others have been hidden by somewhat bizarre tactics.
Either way, power moms rule Hollywood! Here’s a list of 7 actresses
who have proven that pregnancy won’t slow them down:

1. Kerry Washington
ABC’s immensely popular drama "Scandal" draws many viewers in simply
for finding out what political genius Olivia Pope will get
herself into. Between an affair with the President, conflict with her
parents, a budding relationship with an assassin, and leading her own
law firm of gladiators, Olivia is always up to something. For that
reason, executive producer and writer Shonda Rhimes decided not to
include Kerry Washington’s 2014 pregnancy into this spring’s half
season of the show. Instead, Kerry hid behind lamps, bags, other
characters, and assorted objects. The real question here is, if Olivia
were to get pregnant, who would be the father?


2. Jane Krakowski
Anyone who watches "30 Rock" knows that Jane Krakowski’s character Jena
Maroney is anything but fit for motherhood. So while she was pregnant
in 2011, the show opted to hide the pregnancy through the traditional
methods of baggy clothing and of course, eccentric costumes for Jenna’s
comedy sketches. The "30 Rock" twist: They added a sketch for Jenna
entitled “The Overly Confident Morbidly Obese Woman” as well as a skit
that depicts Jenna wanting a baby so bad that she has a “hysterical
pregnancy” resulting in a baby bump.


3. Lisa Kudrow
Lisa Kudrow’s character Phoebe on the classic sitcom "Friends" decided
to incorporate her real life pregnancy during the show’s 4th and 5th
seasons. Rather than writing in the pregnancy for her own character,
Phoebe acted as the surrogate for her on screen brother Frank and his
wife Alice’s triplets. Very clever way to include the baby bump
without drastically changing the course of the character’s life!


4. Debra Messing
Debra Messing became pregnant during the sixth season of "Will and
Grace." Because the show was filmed in front of a live studio audience,
it was nearly impossible to hide. But instead of writing it into the
film, the producers simply decided to film the narrative as is and not
worry about the baby bump showing. Bold move, but viewers didn’t seem
to mind! Towards the end of her pregnancy she was put on bed rest,
forcing her to be absent for the season’s last four episodes which
included the wedding of her character’s good friend.


5. Sarah Jessica Parker
While filming the fifth season of "Sex and the City," SJP developed a
baby bump as result of her pregnancy with son James. The producers hid
the baby bump for as long as possible but ended up cutting the season
short, being only 8 episodes. Could you imagine Carrie Bradshaw


6. January Jones
January Jones, star of ‘50s themed drama "Mad Men," was pregnant during
the filming of the show's fifth season. Instead of writing in a
pregnancy in the script, the show decided to write in a massive weight
gain by her character. She wore padding all over to mask her baby bump
and make it appear like she gained weight uniformly.


7. Marcia Cross
When Marcia Cross become pregnant with twins in 2007, producers
initially thought they would simply continue to film the remaining few
episodes while hiding the baby bump. However, after Marcia was ordered
to bed rest, they were forced to change their tactics. Marcia’s
character Bree suffered a fall in the show and was ordered to bed rest
as well. Best part: They transformed Marcia’s house into a set
perfectly matching the show’s real set so that she literally did not
have to leave her bed!


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