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13 Most Illogical Aspects Of Modern Society According To Reddit

Sara Newman |
June 27, 2014 | 11:30 p.m. PDT

Deputy Editor

From poverty to advertising to education, somethings don't make sense to anyone (Twitpic/ChrisGunness)
From poverty to advertising to education, somethings don't make sense to anyone (Twitpic/ChrisGunness)
For better or for worse, Reddit brings together the opinions of the masses, creating something not all that far from democracy. 

Oftentimes resort to the ease of groupthink to help form their opinions, but as a complex social experiment (cough, cough, reddit) shows, when we take away polarizing group labels, for the most part, people actually seem to agree with one another. 

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With 737 comments so far, this reddit thread shows that certain conventions don’t make much sense to anyone. But to save you from losing hours of your day, here is a streamlined list of some of the most though-provoking irrationalities: 

  1. Someone can get a harsher prison sentence for drug possession than sexual assault. - noobyz
  2. The fact that we split all political views into democratic and republican, and proceed to vote for a presidential candidate because they are in the same party. -meepbutter
  3. In some places it is illegal to give food to homeless people. -fogmeetsfog
  4. Paying a person for sex is only legal if you film it and put it on the internet. -xxdedennisxx
  5. The biggest sin is encouraging all kids to go to college. No, college isn't for everybody, but if you attend high school in America today, you'll hear the exact opposite. -thesynod
  6. That people that play sports professionally are paid more than those that educate our children. -tanto_le_magnificent
  7. Our society pretends that sitting in an office moving imaginary numbers around is somehow working "harder" than building a house or repairing a truck. In fact we pretend so hard that we do anything to justify paying working jobs less and office jobs more. -KingLehr
  8. Sex is censored in the media, but violence is readily shown to anybody who wishes to see it. -Certified_Mule
  9. Not vaccinating children. It is literally bringing back extinct diseases. On the flip side over prescribing antibiotics Jesus that's making even scarier diseases! -karanz
  10. It's easier to get a free meal in prison than in a public school. -science_the_bear
  11. Advertising: We expend serious effort to encourage people to buy things. We live on a finite planet with scarce resources, and while some of the planet has manifest needs, we spend considerable effort convincing those who already have a lot that they should want more. -hansn
  12. Out of school suspension as a punishment. -Dubstyle
  13. I think that it is a bit horrifying how people treat each other. Regardless of our personal beliefs, we are all human. - soapyfork

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