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The 13 Most Fashionable Disney Princesses

Ashley Hawkins |
May 31, 2014 | 12:46 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

They defend their families, save their countries, achieve their goals, protect their rights to individuality and (most importantly) find true love. Simply put, Disney princesses have it made. They all quite literally “live the dream." However, while they all have equally ideal lives—embodying the virtues of beauty, poise, intellect, ambition and passion—there is one area where these ladies are not so evenly matched: fashion sense.

“Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the most fashionable of them all?” Here is the ultimate ranking of the Disney princesses by style.

Ariel wears her rather scant iconic attire (Disney Princess/Facebook).
Ariel wears her rather scant iconic attire (Disney Princess/Facebook).
13. Ariel, "The Little Mermaid"

Sure, Ariel’s flaming locks are fabulous, but her upbringing as a mermaid left her a little confused about the rules of fashion. She used a fork as a hairbrush and wore a sail as a makeshift toga dress when she first got legs—definite fashion don’ts. Besides, she hardly wears any clothing, so who really knows if she ever fully understood style at all?

12. Tiana, "The Princess & The Frog"

Tiana might deserve to be higher on the list, but considering she was a frog for the majority of her film, she did not really have the opportunity to prove her sense of fashion (or lack thereof).

Cinderella stuns in the outfit crafted by her fairy godmother (Disney Princess/Facebook).
Cinderella stuns in the outfit crafted by her fairy godmother (Disney Princess/Facebook).

11. Cinderella, "Cinderella"

This is perhaps a controversial ranking for Cinderella, whose iconic blue ball gown and glass slippers are the envy of fashionistas everywhere. Yet, Cinderella hardly deserves the credit for her fabulous style—her fairy godmother and mice friends are the true visionaries behind her dazzling looks. 

10. Aurora, "Sleeping Beauty"

Nicknamed “Sleeping Beauty,” Aurora is undoubtedly one stylish woman. However, because she spent most of her film asleep under Maleficent’s spell, her style seems pretty one-note compared to that of the other, more versatile, princesses.

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9Merida, "Brave"

Active, outdoorsy and athletic, Merida simply does not care about fashion, but her wild red hair and carefree style are tomboy-chic nonetheless. 

8. Anna, "Frozen"

Anna’s wardrobe is fairly plain throughout her film, but her subtle platinum blonde streak might be even more vogue than Stacey London’s signature gray face-framing strand of hair.

Jasmine admires her amazing sense of fashion (Disney Princess/Facebook).
Jasmine admires her amazing sense of fashion (Disney Princess/Facebook).

7. Jasmine, "Aladdin"

For a 16-year-old, Princess Jasmine has incredible taste. Her hair is amazingly voluminous, she can accessorize like no other, her makeup is perfect and she definitely knows how to rock a crop top. Nevertheless, her style seems a little too teen-centered (compared to the refined, timeless gowns worn by the other princesses) for Jasmine to top of the list.

6. Snow White, "Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

Snow White, unfortunately, could not display her expertise in fashion because she also slept through most of her film, but her incredibly pale skin, contrasted against her shockingly black hair, hints at an almost gothic edginess that sets her apart from the rest of the competition.

Mulan gets all gussied up for the matchmaker (Disney Princess/Facebook).
Mulan gets all gussied up for the matchmaker (Disney Princess/Facebook).

5. Mulan, "Mulan"

Talk about versatility! Whether she is dressing to impress the matchmaker, donning her (super sleek) armor for battle, or going fresh-faced in a simple and casual robe, Mulan is always fresh to death.

4. Elsa, "Frozen"

Elsa’s signature side-swept French braid is perfection, showing off the highlights and lowlights of her unique blonde hair as well as the natural body of her 'do. Additionally, Elsa demonstrates her undeniable understanding of fashion (and glitter) when she embellishes her dress using her magic ice powers.

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3. Belle, "The Beauty & The Beast"

Seriously, who has not fantasized about owning their own majestic yellow ball gown? Belle rocks every outfit she wears in her film, proving that her style really is as old as time.

2. Rapunzel, "Tangled"

One might think that living in an isolated tower for her entire life would enable or even encourage Rapunzel to let herself go. Well, think again. Rapunzel knows that good hair is essential to being a fashion icon and probably works harder than any other princess to maintain her impeccable golden tresses. Oh, and her dark brown asymmetrical bob at the end of the film is just so trendy and edgy.

1. Pocahontas, "Pocahontas"

Perhaps the most stylistically adventurous of the Disney princesses—sporting a one-shouldered dress and arm tattoo—Pocahontas knows what’s up. Besides her hip attire, her hair is always blowing flawlessly in the wind, basically making her the Beyoncé of all Disney royalty.

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