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Samsung Ordered To Pay Apple $119.6 Million For Patent Infringements

Taiu Kunimoto |
May 3, 2014 | 10:32 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Samsung will pay $119.6 million dollar to Apple (Creative Commons/John.Karakatsanis)
Samsung will pay $119.6 million dollar to Apple (Creative Commons/John.Karakatsanis)
U.S. federal juries in San Jose have ordered the Korean electronics giant to pay $119.6 million to Apple, which is far less than the amount that Apple sought, for infringing two of its patents. However, the court also ordered Apple to pay $158,000 in damages for infringing Samsung’s intellectual properties.

Apple originally accused Samsung of violating its patents on smartphone features for $2 billion over five patents, including the “side unlock” and universal search. While Samsung denied any wrongdoing, Samsung sought $6 million from Apple for infringing two of its smartphone patents revolving camera features and video transmission technologies.

The month-long trial finally reached the verdict on Friday as juries decided to fine both Apple and Samsung for violating each other’s patents.

“Through this verdict is large by normal standards, it is hard to view this outcome as much of a victory for Apple,” Brian Love, assistant professor at the Santa Clara University School of Law told Reuters, “this amount is less than 10 percent of the amount Apple requested, and probably doesn’t surpass by too much the amount Apple spent litigating this case.”

The world’s top two smartphone makers have been battling over intellectual properties for the past three years all over the world.

In 2012, jury ordered penalized Samsung up to $930 million after finding that it has used a series of Apple’s patent on mobile devices.

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