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The Hot Seat: Candidate Interviews

Max Schwartz |
May 18, 2014 | 5:59 p.m. PDT

Senior Reporter

(Max Schwartz/Neon Tommy)
(Max Schwartz/Neon Tommy)
As pre-Primary campaign season sweeps across California, The Hot Seat is here to keep you informed. The Hot Seat had three series - a Sheriff Candidate Series, a Board of Supervisors Candidate Series and an Assembly Candidate Series.

Host Max Schwartz interviewed all of the candidates running for Los Angeles County Sheriff, seven of the eight candidates running for the 3rd District seat on the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors and three of the eight candidates listed on the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's filing status website running for the California State Assembly in the 62nd District.

In the race for supervisor, Yuval Kremer declined a request to call into The Hot Seat. In the race for Assembly, Autumn Burke's campaign never got back to Schwartz with a date and the candidate and the campaign staff stopped responding to interview requests. Gloria Gray, Ted Grose and Mike Stevens never responded to interview requests. Emidio Soltysik was not contacted for an interview because there was no contact information listed on the filing status website.

It is evident that some candidates - for all of the races - are more qualified than others. It will be up to you, the listener, though, to make your own judgment and decide on your own who you would like to support.

Below are the interviews sorted by office and the order in which the candidates called in for that race. The first candidate was the first to call in and the last candidate was the last to call in for that race. The interviews are in reverse order in which they were conducted on the Annenberg Radio News website

All of the interviews themselves, excluding the monologues, were about 30 minutes. Some were more because some candidates were asked questions specific to them due to their backgrounds or their remarks at a previous debate.

There is neither anything written about what the candidates said nor a selection of each candidate's best answers because the goal is for listeners to make their own decisions about each candidate and personally decide who to support. 

Before listening, please take a moment to listen to The Hot Seat's Election Interview Notes for more information on how Schwartz conducted candidate interviews.

Election Interview Notes


Patrick Gomez

Lou Vince

Paul Tanaka

Todd Rogers

Jim McDonnell

James Hellmold

Bob Olmsted

Board of Supervisors

Eric Preven

Doug Fay

Pamela Ulich

Sheila Kuehl

Rudy Melendez

John Duran

Bobby Shriver

California State Assembly

Paul Kouri

Adam Plimpton

Simona Farrise


Reach The Hot Seat here; follow Schwartz on Twitter here



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