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Firefighters Receive Gift Of Cooler Temperatures Amid Raging Fires

Sara Newman |
May 17, 2014 | 10:00 a.m. PDT

Deputy Editor

Camp Pendleton evacutated (Twitpic/ MCAS Miramar)
Camp Pendleton evacutated (Twitpic/ MCAS Miramar)
With the thermostat not expected to rise above 75 degrees in San Diego on Saturday and the help of calmer winds, local firefighters look forward to making progress in their battle against four large brush fires in county’s northern region. 

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After Friday’s eruption at Camp Pendelton forced the evacuation of all personnel, a boost in wildfire morale is much needed.

Since the fires reared their ugly heads on Tuesday, over 27,000 acres have burned. 

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On Thursday two people were arrested north of San Diego on suspicion of arson, but their connection to this week’s raging fires remains unclear. Yet, many believe that either directly or indirectly, people are to blame for this week’s fiery events. 

“The probability of fires is increasing because people are increasing," Jon Keeley, an expert in California wildfires, told National Geographic.


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