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Tove Lo At The Echoplex: Show Review

Lilian Min |
April 24, 2014 | 12:19 p.m. PDT

Music Editor

Tove Lo, real name Ebba Tova Elsa Nilsson, throws her hands up in the air during her first L.A. show. (Lilian Min/Neon Tommy)
Tove Lo, real name Ebba Tova Elsa Nilsson, throws her hands up in the air during her first L.A. show. (Lilian Min/Neon Tommy)
There must be something in the water in Sweden -- that's possibly the only way to explain the incredible amount of pop talent that comes out of the country.

Tove Lo is the latest name to make waves across the pond with her breakout hit "Habits." Buoyed by the success of both the original and the Hippie Sabotage remix of said song, she touched down in Los Angeles for her first show in the city at the Echoplex.

Part of a series of Popshop shows sponsored by Neon Gold Records (whose co-founder, Lizzy Plapinger, heads up the spook pop band MS MR), the night began with Beginners and FMLYBND, both boisterous acts that got the crowd dancing.

At around 10 p.m., Echoplex was packed from the barrier back to the bars. And then, it was finally time to see what Sweden's latest export sounded like IRL.

Though she only has one formal release out, her EP "Truth Serum," the night's show didn't feel extremely short. By busting out her back catalog (2012's "Love Ballad") and her features catalog (Lucas Nord's "Run Our Love"), Tove Lo kept the crowd singing and dancing for a good hour.

The highlights of the night definitely still came from her "Truth Serum" songs though. Before launching into "Not On Drugs," the singer quipped: "Most of my songs are about sad love... not this one." Of course, that was followed right up by "Over," a potentially anthemic breakup song.

For whatever reason, when it finally came time to play "Habits," Tove Lo's vocals seemed to be just a partial off from the key her band was playing in, resulting in a confusing, uncanny valley-like off-ness for the song. Not that the crowd cared, as they belted out the lyrics in time with her singing.

After closing with "Run Our Love," Tove Lo and her band left the stage, but the crowd was undeterred in their cheering, hoping to get another song or two out of her.

Alas, that wasn't the case, but the house took up the charge, blasting Hippie Sabotage's remix as green lasers shot out and sparkled against the Echoplex's disco balls. How strange yet satisfying it was, to have seen Tove Lo take and leave the stage but to wrap the night up in the echo of her vocals, an empty stage surrounded by people lost in the music of someone they'd just seen play.


  1. "Love Ballad"
  2. "Paradise"
  3. "Not On Drugs"
  4. "Over"
  5. "Out of Mind"
  6. "Habits"
  7. "Run Our Love"
  8. "Habits" Hippie Sabotage remix


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