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'Scandal' Season 3 Finale Predictions

Tara Paboojian |
April 16, 2014 | 11:29 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter


Last week, 'Scandal' fans were left with a major cliffhanger, to say the very least.

After getting word that a bomb was about to go off at a funeral that Vice President Sally Langston and Vice Presidential candidate Andrew Nichols would be attending, Cyrus Beene decided not to tell the White House and keep the secret to himself. Meanwhile, Olivia’s dad, Rowan, has been brutally stabbed by her mom and Mellie opens an envelope from the DNA lab. Oh, and Maya activated the bomb. 

We know from the preview the bomb goes off, but the question is how big of an impact will that explosion have? Well Gladiators, if we know ‘Scandal,’ we know we are in for a massive game-changer.

Here are our predictions for the season 3 finale episode, “The Price of Free and Fair Elections”:  

Maya will get away 

Despite everyone’s best efforts, Olivia’s notoriously sneaky mom will disappear again and pose a threat from afar. Let’s face it, she’s not done on this show yet. 

Rowan won’t die  

Though his wounds looked pretty nasty at the end of last week’s episode, Papa Pope will survive. Like Jake warned Olivia, Rowan clearly has other motives and that “mask” can't come off if he's dead. 

Cyrus won’t feel guilty for keeping this secret  

If we’ve learned anything about Cyrus Beene over the past few seasons, it's that he doesn’t have a guilty bone in his body. While we don’t know the specific aftermath of the explosive, if the casualties mean Fitz wins the election and they all get to stay in the White House, Cyrus will be one happy camper. 

Sally Langston will live 

Last week’s final scenes made it seem like Sally and her annoying campaign manger were going to be blown to pieces but come on guys, that would just be too obvious. This is ‘Scandal’ we're talking about. There is always a twist and I have a feeling Sally will ride out of this one just fine. 

Mellie will finally tell Fitz about his dad 

Ever since we learned of Mellie’s haunting past with her father-in-law Big Jerry, we’ve been dying for her to confess her past to Fitz and it seems like that time has finally come! Wonder how Fitz will react… 

Huck and Quinn won’t be together… Yet  

While some people are rooting for these two to get together, it doesn’t look like Charlie is going to let that happen. The preview shows Charlie giving Hunk a piece of his past in an envelope. Maybe it's evidence that his family is still alive? 

B613 will come back  

Even though Olivia Pope and Associates took down B613 last week, there is no way Jake is going to give up his job as Command without a fight- a fight he will win no less. 

Fitz gets four more years 

What is ’Scandal’ without Fitz as President of the United States? Nothing. 

Tune into the Season 3 finale of ‘Scandal’ this Thursday on ABC or regret it Friday! 

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