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Review: Eric Church Plays Stagecoach 2014

Gustavo Carvalho |
April 28, 2014 | 2:44 p.m. PDT


Eric Church (Neon Tommy/James Stone)
Eric Church (Neon Tommy/James Stone)

Eric Church performed Friday night at the Stagecoach Country Music Festival in Indio, California.

Church’s set exuded power. The stage was lined with massive prop speakers that emphasized the guitar revving, rock & roll flare that introduced his first song "That's Damn Rock & Roll."

His performance did not wind down when he ripped through "The Outsiders," which energetically featured four guitars.

However, Church's performance wasn't the only thing that picked up intensity on the first night. The wind ferociously blew during Church's set, and caused a dust storm that caused some of the crowd to go home. Church complained, "this wind is pissing me off." He asked the crowd, "You guys care if I play a couple more songs? They said it was too windy, but they can kiss my (*ss)."

To those whom the wind was not enough of a bother to leave, Church made it worth their while by intimately playing "Cold One."

Halfway through his set, Church had turned down and covered a gentle, acoustic guitar and voice version of "Like Jesus Does."

He continued to play "Homeboy" and "Smoke a Little Smoke," which was laced with the recurring theme of Rock & Roll and power, as well as a melody from "Sweat Leaf" by Black Sabbath.

Church closed Friday's show with his popular "Springsteen." At the end of the show, it was obvious why his nickname, "Chief," had replaced the Marshall logo on the huge prop speakers-- because he was a chief, and he lived up to expectation. Check out the performance below:

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