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Obamacare Reaches 7 Million Sign-Ups Under Deadline

Sarah Geisler |
April 1, 2014 | 10:01 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

#Obamacare (Image via Celine Nadeau, Flickr)
#Obamacare (Image via Celine Nadeau, Flickr)
Thanks to a last-minute surge in sign-ups , Obamacare is slated to reach the 7 million target for 2014 total enrollment, White House officials announced Tuesday. President Obama is scheduled to address the nation with a statement on Tuesday afternoon. Final enrollment numbers are not yet available.  

On Monday, the final day for enrollment, more than 4.8 million visits were made to Healthcare.gov, and the call center took in over 2 million phone calls. During several periods of high volume, over 125,000 people were using Healthcare.gov at once, causing the site to operate overcapacity, and resulting in delays and website errors. The enrollment total, originally set by the Congressional Budget Office, had been scaled back to 6 million after the less than successful launch of Healthcare.gov last fall. 

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Americans are still divided on their views of the Affordable Care Act, affectionately nicknamed Obamacare. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll last month showed that 46% of people viewed the law unfavorably, and 38% favorably, a slight improvement on January’s totals. White House officials participated in over 400 interviews to promote the law. Obama’s humorous interview with comedian Zach Galifianakis on Funny or Die’s “Between Two Ferns” segment was a viral hit, reaching over 33 million views.

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A final reminder for local procrastinators: California residents who have still not signed up have an extension until April 15th to enroll in Covered California.

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