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New Fashion Blogger On The Trend Radar

Beatrice Verhoeven |
April 22, 2014 | 4:30 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Philippa Brenninkmeyer is the blogger behind "Young & Free." (pbeyoungandfree.com)
Philippa Brenninkmeyer is the blogger behind "Young & Free." (pbeyoungandfree.com)
We can’t all be like Chiara Ferragni or Aimee Song. These ladies are supplied with designer bags and expensive jewelry. They get to go to each and every Fashion Week, seated in the front row. But there are the occasional fashion bloggers that find outfits that are affordable and trendy, and Philippa Brenninkmeyer of “Young & Free” is doing just that.

Her blog is just in its start-up phase, but it’s already getting heaps of hits every day. Probably because Brenninkmeyer blogs every day, writes less than 500 words per post and includes tons of pictures of the trend or outfit she has spotted. 

“The main reason for me starting my blog was to share my passion for fashion, traveling and lifestyle with others,” said Brenninkmeyer. 

She grew up in a family that revolved around the fashion industry. Naturally, Brenninkmeyer has had an interest for fashion and has had a good eye for trends ever since she was a little girl. But that was not enough for her.

So what differentiates her blog from every other blog out there? 

“I wanted to experience the boutique brands, that not too many people know about, as well as the luxury brands that everyone knows about,” she said. “But I wanted to do it differently… by combining the two.”

In other words, she takes high-end fashion, for example Jimmy Choo shoes, and combines it with more affordable clothing such as pants from Zara. Looking at her pictures on her blog, one can spot the occasional designer bling among an array of more reasonably-priced pieces. 

While noticing trends that are reappearing, such as flared jeans, she says that her favorite trend right now is cropped jeans, paired with heels, a loose, tucked-in top and a blazer. 

“Some of my favorite brands right now are For Love & Lemons, Maaji Swimwear, The Wildflower Shop, Yves Saint Laurent and Valentino,” said Brenninkmeyer. 

Another thing that makes “Young & Free” stand out is the sheer amount of time that Brenninkmeyer spends on its cultivation.

“I hope that one day in the future, I can call my blog my job,” she said. “It’s truly what I love to do and I can imagine spending all my time and energy on that. Traveling the world, going to fashion weeks, taking pictures… that would be the dream.”

Her blog logo. (pbeyoungandfree.com)
Her blog logo. (pbeyoungandfree.com)
And it surely looks like she’s headed that way. In the past two months, Brenninkmeyer has partnered with Steve Madden, Wildfox, FarFetch, 7 For All Mankind, All Saints, L’Occitane, and Dylan’s Candy Bar. For those whose interests span far beyond fashion, her blog also includes travel tips, great baking ideas, interior design concepts and make-up suggestions.

It’s a win-win for every body. 

Above all, she is personable. A lot of bloggers fail to share their personality on their blog, whereas Brenninkmeyer not only posts pictures of herself, but talks about her life on the blog as well. 

“The funny thing is, I would describe my personality as quiet and held back,” said Brenninkmeyer. “But the positive feedback has actually given me more confidence in my every day life and has let me become a more open and outgoing person.”

She wants to attract those people to her blog, as well as non-judgmental people who accept that there is no right or wrong in fashion, as long as you can rock it in your own way. So go on, check out “Young & Free,” and get various deals from your favorite brands by clicking on the icons on her blog.

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