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Neknominations; Still Chugging Along

Chase Peterson |
April 8, 2014 | 12:22 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

It’s not outlandish to say that drinking games are as synonymous to college as general education requirements. While it’s debatable how Beer Pong, King’s Cup, or Battle Shots aid to the university experience, the frequency of transports on any sizable campus underscore their relevance.

Such games take place in apartments, houses, and—let’s be honest—dorm rooms. That is, until recently when the fad neknominate took control of social media. Though falling out of notoriety in recent weeks, the craze has left a serious and dangerous impression upon social media. 

Neknominate, crafting some elaborate and at times deadly combination of alcohol and task then challenging one’s friends to do the same. People drink goldfish, out of toilets, but usually just copious amounts of alcohol, posting videos online for all their friends to see. 

Troy Woodhall, a freshman at the University of Oregon who was both nominated and posted a video response. However, Troy took the opportunity to create a satirical response to the absurdity of the craze. Claiming to have drank an entire bottle of gin, Troy slurred his words and tried to illustrate himself as bold for drinking so outrageously. 

“I honestly think that it is the most idiotic thing to partake in,” said Troy, “when I was nominated I chose to make fun of it.” 

This was probably a wise choice. Even with the diminishment of popularity over time, neknominations have been linked to multiple deaths, and have even been tied to the hospilitization of a nine year old girl

Further, it’s possible that those aware of the risk of nominating someone could lead to criminal charges according to English lawyer John Young

It’s relieving to see the downward trend of neknominations in recent weeks, but one can only fear the next dangerous craze right around the corner. 

For more information see Rachel Scott’s piece on neknominations for ATVN

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