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The King King Hosts The Lightning In A Bottle Pre-Party

Faith Jessie |
April 30, 2014 | 9:47 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Sugarpill via Faith Jessie
Sugarpill via Faith Jessie
If you walk down the streets of Hollywood Blvd. during the hours of 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. on Friday or Saturday, you will probably see a group of scantily clad women soaring high in heels. You might also see overpriced Uber SUV’s carrying celebrity wannabees and their entourages, long lines crowding the sidewalks, and promoters searching for the best looking women and wealthiest men (or ones sporting a faux Tom Ford shirt they got on sale for $15 on Santee Street). Then, these people will go to clubs where they will spend half of their rent money on table service to impress a bunch of people that they will never see again.

Sounds awesome, right?

The previous description is the opposite vibe that Lightning in a Bottle generates; a come one, come all, no judgments passed agreement. So then, why have a LIB pre-party in Hollywood?

Hidden in Hollywood is the King King, a venue that embodies that Lighting in a Bottle vibe. The club which has been around for 25 years has a dive bar feel and makes you think you are in Silver Lake.

It is a place where musicians come to share their sounds, artists come to display their thoughts and people who desire more out of a club come to interact with an accepting audience whose main focus is connecting to the experience.

"We don't keep any boundaries, let it be your experience, people who come here to dance, actually come here to dance," said Mario, the club's owner.

The LIB pre-party was the spark to generate the experience Thursday night. The event hosted at King King featured talent that will be preforming at The Do Lab’s Lightning in a Bottle, Memorial Day weekend.

The line-up included legendary artists Alex and Allyson Grey who gave a presentation prior to the music performance where they spoke to the audience, giving them pointers on life. The pair continued the night with a live painting demonstration during the set performances. Producers included LA’s Soulular and Sugar Pill, as well as the headliner Sweater Beats from NYC.

The crowd was made up of old LIB gurus, sharing wisdom with those curious young souls (21 or over) who may have just discovered the event.

An assortment of denim jeans, tribal printed muumuus, multicolored dreadlocks, beanies, and colorful sweaters filled the space. A bubble gun was passed around the venue supplying a never-ending amount of bubbles. The bar tenders worked around the clock, providing liquid joy. A girl in the back swayed her arms to the music as the boy in the wheelchair next to her danced with a group of friends.

The tables to the side of the dance floor were filled with people tuned in tightly with the performer on stage who was only but a few feet away from the audience. The people in attendance were there to listen, exchange thoughts, and engage in a musical experience, not to be seen.

The King King exemplifies this “not to be seen” phrase in the club’s entrance. From the front, the spot looks closed. The sign is not flashing in your face but rather a simple title on a dark window. To gain access to the club, one must go around to the back door. 
"All of people who go to the high roller clubs are putting on a persona, they go out and look great then they go home and cry because they are miserable...when people leave here they are smiling and hugging people...it's a different world...people are either hugging money or people are hugging people," said Mario

The LIB pre-show left behind memories and energy that will forever be present at the King King.

"Explore life, hug people, smile, interact, and give more than you receive," said Mario

You can check the King King calendar to see upcoming opportunities to experience the venue. The spot is a popular one so get there early if you want to avoid the line.



You can check out more about The Do Lab's Lightning in a Bottle here.

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