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Internet Explorer Bug Still In Place

Marisa Okano |
April 29, 2014 | 5:39 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

@Gullpress Twitter
@Gullpress Twitter
Though reportedly fixed, a bug that has left Internet Explorer users susceptible to attacks continues to remain a serious threat. 

Online security company FireEye reported the flaw, informing the public that the bug could be implemented by hackers to run destructive software on vulnerable devices.

In response, Adobe had issued a Flash Player security update on Monday. Consequently, multiple news sources concluded that the update had solved the problem entirely. This, however, was not the case.

Though Adobe’s reported update has repaired a threatening Flash bug, these two impending threats are unrelated.

In the meantime Microsoft has suggested that Internet Explorer users browse cautiously and use third-party Web browsers to avoid viral attacks.

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