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Four Innovative Ways To Rock Florals

Adaobi Ugoagu |
April 4, 2014 | 1:19 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

The flowers are blossoming, the days are longer, the bees are buzzing around the trees. Spring is back, so put away your monochrome coats and sweaters and for more vibrant floral prints and patterns. The best thing about floral prints is that they are versatile and chic at the same time. You can dress them up with a pair of heels, or you can stay casual with a denim jacket. You can mix and match them with solid colors, or if you're feeling daring, pair them with another pattern. During this time of year, floral prints are a wonderful way to break into the spring season. Here are four ways you can rock the flowery look.

(Adaobi Ugoagu)
(Adaobi Ugoagu)

Classic Chic

This is a simple and clean outfit perfect for the classroom, work, or even a casual day out. It doesn't matter if the floral print is light or dark colored, you can easily match this dress with a black or brown Chelsea bootie.

As for outerwear, stay away from blacks and grays. Dull tones give more of a winter look. Go for bright and eye-catching colors to top off your spring ensemble. We chose this pale pink blazer that represents the season's budding flowers.

(Adaobi Ugoagu)
(Adaobi Ugoagu)

Mix and Match

It's easy to pair a floral dress with a solid piece of clothing. However, if you are feeling brave, this might be the look for you. Staying within the theme of bright tones, we coupled this yellow floral crop top with a pair of structured print pants. Admittedly, the pair is an odd duo. The reason why this works so well, however, is strategic. The loose fit of the trousers becomes balanced when paired with a tight-fitting top.

Try a pair of floral pants with a striped or plaid top, and you will achieve the same style effortlessly. To finish off the look, we threw in some ankle strap heels to give this outfit a smarter vibe.  

(Adaobi Ugoagu)
(Adaobi Ugoagu)


This look is for the typical tomboy who isn't in love with loud colors or strappy heels. No worries, this look levels out the two extremes of feminine and masculine. Keeping the floral dress as the template, add a leather jacket to toughen up the outfit. The girlish pattern of the floral print, paired with the harsh nature of leather jacket, balance each other readily, achieving the desired tomboy attire. To continue with the theme, put on a pair of your favorite Doc Martens, or whatever combat boots you are most comfortable in.

(Adaobi Ugoagu)
(Adaobi Ugoagu)

All Floral Everything

This final look is the direct opposite of mixing up prints. This look is ideal because it appears as though a lot of time and effort was put in, yet it is as easy as putting on a top and skirt.

While mixing and matching is a popular go-to, matching prints, especially when floral, is a trend that has hit everywhere from the runway, all the way down to the streets of L.A. This ASOS crop top and skirt set is bright, loose, and elegant, ideal for a casual day in the city or even a night out when paired with the right heels.



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