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9 Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Cast Of 'Neighbors'

Kathy Zerbib |
April 26, 2014 | 12:51 a.m. PDT

Film Editor

This fraternity moved to the wrong neighborhood (Universal Pictures).
This fraternity moved to the wrong neighborhood (Universal Pictures).

Before Friday's screening of "Neighbors" at the University of Southern California, three of the movie's prominent characters sat down for a Q&A. From unfinished film projects to "Superbad," here's what Dave FrancoChristopher Mintz-Plasse and Jerrod Carmichael revealed to a roomful of eager students.

Christopher Had A Rather Unprofessional "Superbad" Audition

Remember Fogell AKA McLovin from "Superbad"? When Christopher walked in to audition for the role with two high school buddies, the only picture he had was a head shot he had taken on his camera phone. He had a less than professional breakthrough into the industry, but has certainly come a long way.

Jerrod Has A Tendency To Walk Out On Auditions

As Christopher put it, Jerrod is willing to drive 40 minutes to an audition, read the script and walk out. Jerrod joked that he would get intimidated seeing ten other guys in the room who were similar to him with better features. "Neighbors" was the first audition he didn't immediately exit, he said.

Dave And Christopher Do A Raunchy Web Series Together

The bromance between these two gets quite real. Dave and Christopher participate in a FunnyOrDie competition series called "You're So Hot." The rules are simple - be as sexual as possible until someone laughs. As you can imagine, these videos get a little intimate. In case you're a fan, the duo is planning to release another video soon.

Dave Dropped Out Of USC In His Last Semester Before Graduation

It's almost painful to think about. Dropping out of college only months before obtaining a diploma? Dave did it. He had been attending USC and studying film and psychology. He says he got a considerably significant job in Canada and was unable to work anything out with his professors. So, he left. After months on the job, the studio ran out of money and Dave was sent back home. Nowadays, he doesn't regret the movie not working out for him. His big brother James Franco currently teaches at USC, too.

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Christopher's Mom Was Present During His "Superbad" Sex Scene

Since he was cast at 17 years old and therefore a minor, Christopher's mom had to supervise him during his incredibly awkward sex scene. Yikes.

Speaking Of Moms… Dave's Mom Walked In On Him Masturbating (On Purpose)

In Dave's movie "Would You," his character is caught masturbating by his mother. The mother casted in the movie also happens to be Dave's real-life mother. Awkward! Good thing his mom has a sense of humor and was totally okay doing it. Dave says this scene was also shot on her birthday.

Christopher Plays Drums For A Rock Band

Yes, that's right. McLovin on the drums. Christopher is the drummer for the rock band The Young Rapscallions. Watch him in action below.

Dave Was Working On A Web Series About College Life But It Never Happened

After noticing with a friend that not many projects - whether on television or film - truly captured the essence of the college lifestyle, Dave set out to do just that. He and his crew followed a group of USC students throughout a semester at school. However, the blend of part-scripted, part-reality didn't prove to be too successful. All Dave has left to say about that endeavor is "Fuck that project."

Seth Rogen Told Christopher To Never Take Another High School Role Again

When asked what the best advice he had ever gotten was, Christopher said it was during his "Superbad" days. Seth had approached him and told him never to take a "high school student" role again. Fogell's character was so iconic, Christopher was constantly getting approached for similar roles. In order to avoid being typecasted, Seth said it would be best to turn to projects with a different identity. 

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Watch the whole cast of "Neighbors" on May 9 (Review coming soon!). Watch the trailer for the movie below.

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