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8 YouTube Highlights That Made 'Frozen' Even More Popular

Emily Lee |
April 7, 2014 | 5:43 p.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Wanna build a snowman? (Twitter, @YoungEIsa)
Wanna build a snowman? (Twitter, @YoungEIsa)

"Let it go, Let it go." Let's all confess, no matter how hard we try, we just can’t let this catchy song go. 

The Oscar winning animation "Frozen" broke another astonishing record on March 30th. It is not only the tenth highest-grossing film of all time, but also the highest-grossing animated film. 

While a lot of these accomplishments could not be done without the amazing Disney Animation Team, let's not forget those creative talents on YouTube who helped promote the film. It seems like fans from kids, teenagers, to adults all have a "Frozen" side that they would like to share with the world. 

Here are eight amazing Frozen-related viral videos on YouTube. 

Starting off with adorable 4-year-old twins, Maddie and Zoe, singing a cover of the hit song from the animation "Let It Go". The facial expressions that the two adorable girls presented are far too adorable to be described with words. I will leave it up for you to judge. 

Some people are just worth melting for. How about this vocal prodigy, 12-year-old Lexi Walker, singing the Africanized Tribal cover of "Let It Go" with Alex Boyé? 

Quite a fun and flavorful twist isn't it? Speaking of a fun twist, have you ever heard of a song sang in 25 languages under four minutes? Check out this incredible mix of "Let It Go" by Disney.

Disney certainly knows how to use its worldwide brand to promote its films. 25 languages in a single song might be a little overwhelming, ever wonder what happens if 21 different Disney characters sing “Let It Go”? Let’s see the talented Brian Hull do the magic as he transformed himself into 21 Disney characters from Mike Wazowski (Monsters University) to Mickey Mouse.  


Wasn’t that a job well-done imitation and portrayal of famous Disney characters? Well, it seems like Brian was not the only person that came up with the idea to cover “Let It Go” with famous voices, Christina Bianco, a famous impressionist known for her diva impressions “Total Eclipse of the Heart”, also diva-fied her version of the song.


That Aguilera diva- howling, Celine’s powerful round voice, and Adele’s rich deep voice, one could not ask for a better diva-inspired “Let It Go”. Tired of “Let It Go” already? How about this mash-up of Let It Go/Let Her Go composed by the famous YouTuber Sam Tsui? It is so flawless that this song has over 7.8 million views today, and scored Sam a spot at a special event dedicated to the music of “Frozen”, in which the stars of the film sang a live version of the songs in the soundtrack.

This mash-up proved that a Disney song could go with a contemporary pop music pretty well as long as one is creative about it. I guess we have had enough of “Let It Go” for now, how about moving on to other tracks in the soundtrack?

“Do you want to build a snowman?” Confess, none of us read the line without singing it. Would a song as pure and cute as this one go wrong? This parody certainly made this statement true. The lyrics of the parody are so catchy and entertainment that it is hard to go back to the original lyrics once I watched it.

Well, I guess not everyone is a love expert, and maybe some tracks from “Frozen” are not particularly romantic. However, here is one successful couple who were able to pull-off a sweet love story from the film. In fact, they seemed to enjoy the “Frozen” soundtrack much more than their daughter. Check out this lip-sync version of “Love is an Open Door” by Sam and Nia. Are they meant to be?

A round of applause to all these talented YouTubers that made “Frozen” more relatable on every level.

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