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7 Celebrities Who Don't Party

Victoria McSweeney |
April 10, 2014 | 7:42 p.m. PDT


Demi Lovato doesn't indulge in the wild side of Hollywood (Twitter/@PopCrush).
Demi Lovato doesn't indulge in the wild side of Hollywood (Twitter/@PopCrush).
When imagining the glamorous life of celebrities, we don’t often think of our favorite actors and musicians curling up at home with a good book. 

Recently, many celebrities have begun to speak out about their preference of staying home over going out to nightclubs.  

We’ve gathered a list of 7 celebs that have spoken out.  Some may come as a shock. 

Demi Lovato 

Demi Lovato has been very vocal about her past with eating disorders, substance abuse, and cutting which ultimately put her in rehab.  She has also spoken out about the importance of being a role model for her fans.  She told entertainmentwise.com that she “is a good role model for her young fans as she doesn't use ‘molly’ or indulge in a wild party lifestyle.” 


Rihanna, who is known for going out and partying, recently admitted that she is over the clubbing scene. “Recently, I’ve become a square. I hate partying. I don’t know if it’s my heels – I don’t like standing up in my heels for hours. I don’t know if it’s that, but I’ve been so bored of it…. I am such a bootleg rock star, I do nothing, literally. I’m embarrassed to say that actually," she admitted in a British television interview with Alan Carr. 

Heidi Klum

The lifestyle of a model seems wild and crazy, but model Heidi Klum didn’t seem to mention that when talking about her Halloween plans with PARADE Magazine.  “I take Halloween very seriously, so I’m not a fan of a thrown together costume, but in an absolute pinch, look around at what items you have around your house. You’d be surprised what you can come up with. Or cut two holes in a bed sheet and be a ghost. But seriously, I’d rather stay home than go out in an uninspired costume,” Klum said. 

Dakota Fanning is a homebody and proud of it (Twitter/@gossip_dance).
Dakota Fanning is a homebody and proud of it (Twitter/@gossip_dance).
Dakota Fanning 

Although Dakota Fanning has been in the business since she was a child, she has never taken to excessively partying in Hollywood. “We go out. We stay in a lot, too. I'm a homebody!" she said in an interview with Glamour Magazine about her friendship with Kristen Stewart. 

Shia LeBeouf 

Not all Hollywood celebs like the club scene, including Shia LeBeouf.  "I don't like going to clubs. If I'm going to party, I'll do it at my house. And to say that I've never had a drink or smoked weed — coming from my family — is insane. But also, I know what it does if you get out of control. I know how hard it was to get my life where it is. There's so much riding that those small little joys of the high are not interesting to me," LeBeouf told USA Today

Mila Kunis

Mila Kunis admitted in an interview with Bazaar that whether she is taken or single, she’d rather stay home on the weekends and enjoy time for herself.  "I don't go out very often. I prefer to stay home and have a nice little beverage and watch television. My glass of wine and I are besties," she said. 

Jennifer Lawrence 

Jennifer Lawrence, who is known for being brutally honest, funny and quirky in interviews revealed that due to her fame she would prefer spending an evening at home than going partying.  “I've kind of been a big homebody lately. But I think eventually, one of these days, I guess when the next franchise starts and I'm not in it, and the new Jennifer Lawrence is born, then I'll be able to go outside," she told USA Today

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