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Venice Votes To Secede, Italian Media Quiet

Sarah Geisler |
March 25, 2014 | 11:44 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Venice (Image via Nino Barbieri)
Venice (Image via Nino Barbieri)
Voters in Venice, Italy voted last week in favor of a referendum poll to declare independence from Italy. 2.1 million votes, or 89%, were cast in favor of independence. The poll results also revealed that Venetians wished to remain part of the European Union, NATO, and Eurozone, should they secede from Italy. 

Italy’s legal authority in Rome has denounced the referendum vote as illegitimate and unconstitutional. A Venetian spokesperson said that they would draft more formal legislation. The BBC reported before the vote that there had been very little coverage in Italy’s national media. 

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The vote has historical roots. Venice, once a powerful city-state, was its own republic during the Italian Renaissance. The vote, reminiscent of separatist movements in both Spain’s Catalonia and Scotland, comes just a week after Crimea successfully voted to secede from Ukraine, and was legally added to Russian via due process of treaty and ratification. 

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