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St. Patrick's Day Treats In L.A.

Kelli Shiroma |
March 12, 2014 | 12:04 p.m. PDT

Food Editor

The “Bailey’s N’ Cream O-Nut” is a seasonal treat at DK’s Donuts (Photo Courtesy of DK’s Donuts).
The “Bailey’s N’ Cream O-Nut” is a seasonal treat at DK’s Donuts (Photo Courtesy of DK’s Donuts).
Paint the town green this St. Patrick’s Day with a variety of green-hued treats. These L.A. bakeries and shops provide lots of seasonal specials that are sure to make you green with envy!

Here are some places in L.A. where you can celebrate St. Patty’s Day in grandeur foodie fashion.

DK’S DONUTS – “Bailey’s N’ Cream O-Nut”

The famous donut/”O-Nutshop is currently featuring a “Bailey’s N’ Cream”-flavored O-Nut. It includes real Bailey’s alcohol with an espresso filling and a sweet chocolate drizzle on top. For St. Patty’s Day, the bakery will be featuring classic green-and-white-shamrock-sprinkled cake donuts.

GEORGETOWN CUPCAKE – “St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate” and “St. Patrick’s Day Vanilla”
Georgetown Cupcake is featuring several monthly specials for St. Patrick’s Day. Among them are “St. Patrick’s Day Chocolate,” which is a Valrhona chocolate cupcake topped with a light green buttercream frosting and a green fondant shamrock and “St. Patrick’s Day Vanilla,” the lighter-hued version of the cupcake made with a classic Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cupcake.

DUNKIN’ DONUTS – Seasonal Menu Items

The seasonal items featured at Dunkin’ Donuts for St. Patty’s Day have an assortment of festive names. The donut company’s March menu includes “Irish Crème and Mocha Irish Crème Coffees and Lattes,” the “Lucky Mint Coolatta,” “Mint Hot Chocolate,” and “Mint Oreo” and “Mint Oreo Crème” donuts. “Mocha Irish Crème Coffee” features a velvety, smooth Irish crème blended with chocolate mixed in with Dunkin Donuts’ famous coffee. Both hot and iced versions of “Irish Crème” and “Mocha Irish Crème Coffees” are available as well. The “Lucky Mint Coolatta” includes a refreshing mint flavor, while “Mint Hot Chocolate” adds a minty spin to the company’s classic hot chocolate. The “Mint Oreo” donut features a yeast ring topped with pastel green icing and mint Oreo cookie crumbles, and the “Mint Oreo Crème” donut features a vanilla-flavored buttercream-laden yeast donut topped with the same pastel green icing and mint Oreo cookie crumbles.

SPRINKLES CUPCAKES – “Irish Chocolate” and “Green Velvet”

The “Irish Chocolate” cupcake featured this month at Sprinkles Cupcakes includes a Belgian dark chocolate cake topped with a Baileys Irish cream cheese frosting and a green fondant shamrock. Available only for St. Patrick’s Day is the “Green Velvet,” the green version of Sprinkles’ classic “Red Velvet” cupcake. This St. Patty’s Day treat features a light chocolate cake (tinted green) with a delicious cream cheese frosting.

MRS. FIELDS – St. Patrick’s Day Gifts
Celebrate all things St. Patty’s Day with Mrs. Fields. Goodies range from a “St. Patrick’s Day Bites Box” and “St. Patrick’s Day Popcorn Tub” to the colossal “Happy St. Patrick’s Day Big Cookie Cake” and “St. Patrick’s Day Combo Basket."

YUMMY CUPCAKES – Variety of St. Patrick’s Day Flavors
The ever-popular Yummy Cupcakes features a variety of St. Patrick’s Day cupcake flavors, including “Lucky Leprechaun,” “Guinness,” “Green Velvet” and “Irish Cream Pie.”

MCDONALD’S – “McCafe Shamrock Shake”
The “McCafe Shamrock Shake” at McDonald’s is making its seasonal appearance once again. This limited-time offer features a creamy, smooth, mint-flavored shake topped with a cherry and whipped cream.

CRUMBS BAKE SHOP – “Irish Cream,” “Lucky You” and “Hats Off to the Irish”
The “Irish Cream” cupcake at Crumbs Bake Shop features a vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and soaked in coffee before being topped with Irish Cream cream cheese frosting, chocolate sprinkles and an espresso-flavored buttercream rosette. “Lucky You” features a chocolate cake filled with green-tinted vanilla buttercream and is topped with vanilla cream cheese frosting, sprinkles and a sugar shamrock decoration. Finally, “Hats Off to the Irish” includes a green-tinted vanilla cake filled with vanilla buttercream and is topped with a chocolate cream cheese frosting, sprinkles and a top hat decoration.

SEE’S CANDIES – Variety of St. Patrick’s Day Gifts
Your local See’s Candies shop will be laden with St. Patty’s Day treats this March. They range from the beloved “St. Patrick’s Day Potato” (featuring the famous “See’s Divinity” filling, milk chocolate and a sweet blend of cocoa powder and cinnamon) and “Chocolate Treasure Coins” to “Milk Chocolate Leprechauns” and “Milk Chocolate Shamrocks." “Lucky” versions of See’s classic mixes and brittles are also available and festively decorated.


This seasonal treat at Isabella’s Cookies will help you and your friends paint the town green this St. Patty’s Day. The “Shamrock Sugar Rush” cookies feature freshly baked sugar cookies in a shamrock shape, topped with vanilla frosting and green sprinkles.

DAIRY QUEEN – “Mint Oreo Blizzard Treat”
This Dairy Queen concoction won’t exactly turn you green with envy, but this seasonal delight was inspired by St. Patrick’s Day. The “Mint Oreo Blizzard Treat” features a mixture of creamy vanilla soft serve and cool mint, along with crumbles of America’s favorite cookie.

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