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Kings Of Leon At The Forum: Show Review

Lauren Alvarez |
March 25, 2014 | 4:46 p.m. PDT


(Lauren Alvarez/Neon Tommy)
(Lauren Alvarez/Neon Tommy)
On March 21, Kings of Leon hit the stage with a 27-song set list at The Forum in Inglewood, CA. The indie band, Local Natives, opened for the rock group at the near-filled venue. 

The Tennessee quartet introduced the show with the song “Charmer” behind a sheer white cloth, while colorful beaming lights struck through it. It was bold, dramatic, and exciting for the audience as they ecstatically screamed for the band. Even more so, it was a magnificent prelude to the intimate concert.

The alternative rock group played a variety of songs including jams from their latest album, "Mechanical Bull," which was released last September. “Supersoaker” and “Wait for Me” were a few of the notable songs they played from their sixth studio album.

A crowd favorite was the song “Temple,” which provoked the audience to passionately sing the lyrical words, “I’d take one in the temple, I’d take one for you.” The band and audience reciprocated an exquisite energy to each other, creating a unique and warm time for spectators.

Toward the end of the set list, the mood transitioned from melodic sing-a-longs to rock n’ roll headbanging with the help of the song, “Don’t Matter.” The wide screen behind the stage displayed bright hues flashing before the audience as they rocked out - providing appropriate ambience.

It was not long before Kings of Leon brought it full circle when they gave a live debut of the song “Comeback Story.” It was a special treat the Los Angeles show provided that the other cities did not.

“Use Somebody” concluded the show, yet left the crowd deprived of arguably one of their most popular songs, “Sex on Fire.” 

As they exited the stage, one of the most magical moments of the night occurred when concertgoers repeatedly chanted, “Encore!”  Kings of Leon made their way back to the stage to perform a few of their final songs, “Crawl” and “Black Thumbnail.”

Finally, fans erupted with excitement when the band began playing “Sex on Fire.”  Attendees yelled (rather than sang) the words from the top of their lungs, rocked out with dance moves, and most of all, enthralled themselves into the popular tune. Kings of Leon lovers ultimately received the song they anticipated most from the start of the show.

Overall, Kings of Leon presented a quality show, demonstrating their strength to perform live and the ability to please the audience.  

This is their first time back on the road since they cancelled their last tour in 2011 due to lead singer's, Caleb Followill, alcohol problem. Kings of Leon continue their U.S. tour until Mid-April, where they will visit cities such as Portland, Seattle, and New Orleans.

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