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Hueman Art: 'This Is The Art Of My Dreams'

Anna Sterling |
March 7, 2014 | 5:24 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

Hueman, or Allison Torneros, has been creating art since she was one and a half years old.

“Allison stands out from the other artists here because she hustles way harder than anyone else," said Jacob Patterson, director of Think Tank Gallery.

Her recent works include the walls of Diddy's new Revolt TV offices, a Nike x Kobe Bryant portrait at Staples Center and a three-story wall in San Francisco.

“Before I even knew Allison, I was eating at this restaurant and they had her paintings up," said Celeste Perez, a friend of Hueman's. "I was like, this is the art of my dreams."

Hueman is quickly making a name for herself in a mostly male-dominated landscape.

"There’s this kind of agro-mentality, this aggression, this violence, that’s a part of the graffiti community," said Patterson when asked about the gender gap in street art. "I think that women are perceived as not being able to duke it out with the men.”

Despite the odds, and the struggling economy, Hueman finds a way to make creating art a sustainable lifestyle. But, it's not an easy feat.

"It’s tough pursuing art full-time, but I think when you jump into something like this, you have no choice but to make it work," said Hueman.

On the evolution of her art and recent alias, she said,

I kind of went through a depression... at one point. I was... inside all day, and always behind my computer, not making art. I literally felt like a robot...To snap out of it... I would say, ‘I’m human, not a robot. I’m human, not a robot.’ And so that one day when I decided, 'I’m going to start painting on walls,' I felt human.

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