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Deadly Ebola Virus Reaches Canada

Marisa Okano |
March 25, 2014 | 5:29 p.m. PDT

Executive Producer

@BBCAfrica Twitter
@BBCAfrica Twitter
Canada has been exposed to the fatal Ebola virus after a Canadian citizen entered the country after a visit to Africa with a "suspicious" illness. The debilitating virus has origins in West Africa where it has now killed 59.

The local Health Ministry of Saskatchewan, Canada reports that the man and his family have been placed in solitary confinement. Test results are projected for Tuesday.

Scientists project that the virus may continue to spread largely "due to mobility." According to the Health for All Coalition, an aid organization based in the Sierra Leone, infected livestock might play a huge role in the outbreak's chances of continuing. "People, goods and animals - such as sheep, goats and cows used in Sierra Leone - come from Guinea and it is these districts that they are brought into. And in these areas, people hunt for birds, monkeys and baboons for food," the Coalition said to AFP.

Ebola can transmit to humans from contact with wild animals or from "direct contact from infected human blood, feces, or sweat." The virus can also transmit via sexual intercourse and contact with corpses infected with the virus.

The virus is fatal for 25 to 90% of patients. Currently there is no vaccine or cure known.

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