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Celebrities Who Moved On From Relationships Too Fast

Barbara Estrada |
March 12, 2014 | 11:03 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

People fall in and out of love - some relationships last longer than others. Some seem like they will last forever and don't, while the relationships that don't, surprisingly do. There is no exact formula to "love" and whether you believe it or not, no one has quiet mastered it. Even celebrities fall victim to breakups, but some move on too quickly. Now, do you think it's just a sign of heartbreak or they finally found true love?

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Twitter @usatodaylife
Twitter @usatodaylife
Stacy Keibler

Everyone thought the most eligible and desired bachelor of Hollywood, George Clooney, had finally considered settling down with then-girlfriend, Stacy Keibler. Sadly, this was not the case with the pair. However, it has been discovered that Stacy Keibler has been the one to move on quickly and get married to Jared Probre. He is a tech entrepreneur who is close to her age and seems to mesh with her fairly well, so they got married in secret. A source close to the pair said they wanted a “rogue wedding” that took place in one of Mexico’s beaches. Although Clooney hasn’t been linked to anyone, it seems that Stacy is fine with her recent 8-month break-up and living her life happily. Do you think this is denial in the making or marital bliss filled with endless love?

Liam Hemsworth

Want to know the real reason why Miley Cyrus “can’t be tamed?” Her separation from ex-fiancé Liam Hemsworth has caused the pop singer/actress to spiral out of control. The crazy antics that Miley Cyrus is recently known for is all due to the devastating heartbreak she has had to deal in the public eye. Our logic behind the madness is Miley is probably living her life wild to release all of the pain she has been suppressing. Shortly after the break-up became public, Liam was seen with Mexican actress/singer, Elza Gonzales at a club in Las Vegas. After this sighting further sightings of the two have been photographed with counts of PDA. Miley is a Twitter addict and tweets her mind away and I’m sure she got the picture once she saw those pictures.

 Ariana Grande

A rather public and scandalous Twitter feud broke out between Ariana Grande and her ex-boyfriend, Jai Brooks, last year. The two were dating for about 10 months and everything seem promising until rumors were flying that Ariana and Jai’s relationship was on the rocks. To give insight on whom this Jai Brooks character is, he is an Australian native who sings in the Australian boy band, The Janoskians. (If you have trouble saying the name we don’t blame you.) The twitter feud broke out after numerous people tweeted Ariana with cheating rumors. As any girl would, Ariana took to Twitter to vaguely explain herself and that was when Jai knew he was lashed at through a series of “subtweets.” One thing lead to another and the whole Janoskian gang got involved. There came a point where Ariana did not care to argue the situation and moved on with one of the members from the boy band The Wanted, Nathan Sykes. Although the recent pair have split, they still remain friends. We guess you can say that Ariana has a thing for foreign band boys.

Jennifer Lopez

The Spanish industry world was going mad when news of Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez getting a divorce broke out. After being married for 8 years and having twins, the two decided to go separate ways. Rumors, as always, speculated the two spotted together but when kids are in the way, it’s inevitable not to see each other. As J-Lo dealt with the divorce, shortly after, she was seen with one of her backup dancers called Casper Smart. Her new relationship with this much younger man (18 year difference) has been speculated with rumors of “going strong” and “potential breakup.” One thing is for sure, J-Lo can do so much better and this is just a transition in most women’s life.

Tumblr @theoliviashow
Tumblr @theoliviashow
Taylor Swift

If you’re a guy and have ever considered dating Taylor Swift, make sure that if you do anything to hurt her, you will get a song written about you in any way, shape or form. Taylor Swift has been known as the dating train in Hollywood. As sad as this may sound there are timelines dedicated to her love life. A relationship that did not end on a good note was with Joe Jonas. A video that Taylor had made to backlash at her ex-boyfriend, Joe Jonas was pretty straightforward in the way he broke up with her which was over the phone. If we were her, we would be too. After that break-up, her relationship with Taylor Lautner became pop culture news. Rumors of a relationship heating up was during the time they filmed a movie together called Valentine’s Day where the pair were boyfriend and girlfriend. Fiction became reality and the two were spotted together quite often. When the pair broke up, Taylor obviously wrote a song about Mr. Lautner called Back To December. A couple months later, Taylor was seen with another man candy. We assume she writes songs as her form of coping and moving on to the next one who can hopefully keep up with her.

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