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Beyoncé, Condoleezza Rice And Other Stars 'Ban Bossy'

Dale Chong |
March 10, 2014 | 11:03 a.m. PDT

Executive Producer

Stars promote "Ban Bossy" campaign (theatreport/Tumblr)
Stars promote "Ban Bossy" campaign (theatreport/Tumblr)
Pushy. Stubborn. Bossy.

Queen Bey has done it again, along with stars such as Jennifer Garner and Jane Lynch come together to encourage and empower young women to speak up and take the reigns of life without the fear of the label "bossy."

Ban Bossy is a campaign created by The Girl Scouts of the USA and LeanIn.org to create the Lifetime PSA to trade in the word "bossy" for "leader" to describe girls who aren't afraid to take the steps they need to get where they want.

"Being labeled something matters," Garner, who has two daughters with Ben Affleck, points out. These stars see the word "bossy" as a word that keeps women from becoming the leaders they're capable of, according to People.

Along with these familiar faces, we also see Condoleezza Rice, Nascar champion Jimmie Johnson, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO and other leaders are featured in the video. They explain how girls are "less interested in leadership" because they worry about being called "bossy." 

Girl power has been in the works for years now, continuing the importance of women empowerment. This new campaign points out the double standard set up for the word "bossy" when used for boys and girls growing up. It faces the issue of how, at a young age, girls are already being shut down from speaking out and standing up. Ban Bossy is much more than a PSA, other female leaders (as well as male leaders) are promoting this campaign simply by giving their input. 

This star-studded group encourages women to "be ambitious" and have the courage to "change the world." 

The Queen herself wraps up the video with the with the strongest message of all saying, "I'm not bossy--I'm the boss."

Bow down.

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