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'Need For Speed' Actors' Performances Disappoint

Ashley Velez |
March 17, 2014 | 9:04 a.m. PDT

Staff Reporter

Good cars and bad acting make up "Need for Speed" (DreamWorks).
Good cars and bad acting make up "Need for Speed" (DreamWorks).
The DreamWorks adaptation of the popular video game “Need For Speed” hit theaters this past weekend. Even though critics say the movie tanked (and it did), actors like Imogen Poots had shining moments while others gave uninspiring performances. 

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Aaron Paul stars as Tobey Marshall, a gifted car-builder and driver who gets framed for a crime he did not commit. The “Breaking Bad” heartthrob gives an awkwardly intense performance that almost looks like he is in just as much pain as the audience is while watching the film. Paul’s baby face is a mismatch for his rage-filled character and he looks like he is straining throughout the two-hour film. 

Dominic Cooper plays Dino Brewster and is equally as painful to watch. His arrogant character is easy to hate but his acting just does not live up to the bad boy persona that was necessary for the film, making him forgettable. 

Upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” star, Dakota Johnson, has a minor role in the film and is nothing exciting to watch. The same goes for Michael Keaton who plays Monarch, the street-race organizer. Keaton is without a doubt a talented actor but his character is exceedingly cheesy and no amount of artistry could have saved the part.

Supporting actors, Imogen Poots and Scott Mescudi manage to salvage what’s left of the film and really make it worth watching. Poots (Julia Maddon) joins Tobey on his cross-country race for vengeance. Her character is a real firecracker in high heels. Although her character lacks depth, Poots gives a charming performance as usual. 

Mescudi, better known as “Kid Cudi,” steals the show as Benny. This role is almost tailor-made for him and is filled with hilarious one-liners. Mescudi is able to let his personality shine in the film and gives the audience tons of comic relief. Kid Cudi is set to appear in the “Entourage” movie in 2015 and this role makes the audience really look forward to it. 

What is impressive about each actor, however, is that they each perform their own stunts in multimillion-dollar cars and Kid Cudi is even able to fly a plane in the movie and that requires a lot of talent. Still, it is hard to think of any actor that could have made the film better. 

Watch the movie trailer below.

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