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7 Best 'Between Two Ferns' Episodes

Jillian Morabito |
March 13, 2014 | 3:05 p.m. PDT

Associate Entertainment Editor

Zach Galifianakis’ internet comedy sketch “Between Two Ferns” has hosted a multitude of celebrites throughout the past six years. We countdown the best of the best laughs and awkward moments.

James “Franko”

With a half ripped paper, Galifianakis plays his aloof self with his victim, James Franco. When the actor says he would love to work with Edward Norton, the Lonely Island and Norton appear and perform a song about Spring Break of course.  Remember folks, this break don’t forget to party and avoid marrying a man.

Best quote: “Of all the art projects you’ve done, which has made people roll their eyes the hardest?”


Justin Bieber

With freshly groomed hair and waxed eyebrows, the Biebs basically plays himself in this video as the immature child star he is. Though it seems like Bieber’s joking, based on his deposition, he may actually act this rude in person. Obviously a stunt to help Bieber address his recent offensive and bratty ways, Galifianakis handles this interview perfectly, concluding with something most Americans have wanted to do to the pop star.

Best quote: Everything (but probably the part where he is physically whipped.)


“Brad Lee” Cooper

Coinciding with the first “Hangover” release, the awkward and violent interview between the two co-stars is gold. It may have been better if they poked fun at the “Hangover” movie itself, but we love this duo together regardless.

Best Quote: “You’re on the cover of Details magazine, which is a really great publication if you’ve run out of cologne.”

Oscar Edition (Part 1)

This is as gold as the Oscar statue itself. From drunk “Anne Halfway” in some “French Movie” to Amy Adams’ acting chops, there is so much star power in this video not to mention this winner.

Best Quote: Galifianakis: “So you played in a movie called the Hunger Games.” Jennifer Lawrence: “Yeah, isn't that your life story?" 

Barack Obama

Oh, what different times we live in when the President of the United States is on Funny or Die. Though the health care plug was a bit much and longer than needed, the opening jokes were perfect. Even while Obama’s pitch was going on, Galifianakis tried to divert the attention to things like the Olympics and spider bites. Nevertheless, both men killed it in this interview.

Best Quote: “Do you send Ambassador Rodman to North Korea on your behalf?”

Michael Cera

Who doesn’t love anything involving Michael Cera? The adorably awkward and innocent Cera is interviewed (and subsequently tickled) by Galifianakis in this funny short.

Best Quote: “What do you think about the inappropriate humor for twelve year olds, let’s say someone your age.”

Jimmy Kimmel

One of the first “Between Two Ferns” episodes, Galifianakis’ interview with “Timmy Kimbels” is absolutely hilarious. Though comedian Kimmel is quite serious in this clip, their chemistry is perfect. The discussion about Sarah Silverman and Ben Affleck is also spot on.

Best Quote: “I just like to go to Long John Silvers and be shocked at how much the prices are and then just look at the cashier and go ‘Only in New York.’”


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