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Oscars 2014: 8 Best Dressed Men Of The Past 8 Years

Sophia Li |
March 2, 2014 | 12:49 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

The ladies always get all the style attention at the Oscars, and it's about time the men got some recognition. Many people say it is easy for men to dress well at the Oscars — they should take a look at Adam Duritz's Mad-Hatter-esque getup from the 2005 awards or Seth Rogen's 2008 trip to a Bar Mitzvah the Oscars. If wearing a tux is that easy, there have been too many great actors getting it very, very wrong. That being said, here are the best dressed men from the past 8 Academy Awards. 

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Seth MacFarlane 2013 (Pinterest @Ayla Fortune)
Seth MacFarlane 2013 (Pinterest @Ayla Fortune)

2013: Seth MacFarlane

The public may have been divided on MacFarlane's jokes last year, but no one can deny that the host looked the part. With a perfectly tailored fit and charming notch-lapels, the "Family Guy" creator killed it in Gucci.


Daniel Day-Lewis 2013 (Pinterest @Stephanie Farrell
Daniel Day-Lewis 2013 (Pinterest @Stephanie Farrell)

2013: Daniel Day-Lewis

The award show was not the only place Day-Lewis won big last year. Everything about his Domenico Vacca tux was spot-on: the sharp midnight blue color, the perfectly sized shawl collar and bow tie and the perfectly subtle pocket square.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt 2013 (Pinterest @Maj-Britt)
Joseph Gordon-Levitt 2013 (Pinterest @Maj-Britt)

2013: Joseph Gordon-Levitt

This should come as no surprise; JGL has been impeccably dressed on the red carpet for years, and the Oscars were no exception. His look is a great example of following the dress code with your own flair: this Gucci tux looks extra dapper with the narrower bow tie and JGL's signature HitRecord pin on the lapel.   

Channing Tatum 2013 (@tvspoilergirl)
Channing Tatum 2013 (Pinterest @Lolo H)

2013: Channing Tatum

If you were wondering how to pull off a three-piece tux, this is how to do it. Every piece fits Tatum's body like a glove and the end result is a timeless and classic look. The extra glossy shoes just seal the deal. 

Tom Hanks 2012 (Pinterest @Leahnora Chauvin)
Tom Hanks 2012 (Pinterest @Leahnora Chauvin)

2012: Tom Hanks

The double-breasted tux can easily look bulky and stuffy, but Hanks pulls off this Tom Ford ensemble with class. The key is great tailoring, and Hank's lapel pin and pocket square finish the look. 

Tom Ford 2010 (Pinterest @ParsleyMichael)
Tom Ford 2010 (Pinterest @ParsleyMichael)

2010: Tom Ford

Just as he is the only man at the Oscars who makes his own outfit, Ford is also probably the only man daring (and stylish) enough to pull off the pocket square AND flower. He does it spectacularly.

Daniel Craig 2009 (Pinterest @Insung Jung)
Daniel Craig 2009 (Pinterest @Insung Jung)

2009: Daniel Craig

It only makes sense that the actor who plays James Bond would look this dashing at the Oscars. Craig oozes masculinity in this sharp Dolce and Gabbana tux. 

George Clooney 2006 (Pinterest @Corriera Mattina)
George Clooney 2006 (Pinterest @Corriera Mattina)

2006: George Clooney

The world would not be right if George Clooney was left out of a best-dressed-at-the-Oscars list. It's usually a safe bet that he will bring his A-game, and like Day-Lewis did last year, Clooney won both on the red-carpet and at the ceremony in 2006, when he was awarded Best Supporting Actor.

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