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This Week’s Must Listen Playlist: Be ‘Open’ To New Jams

Jillian Morabito |
February 12, 2014 | 6:08 p.m. PST

Associate Entertainment Editor

Every other week, Staff Reporter Jillian Morabito showcases some of the tunes you should be tuning in to. Here are her picks for your new Must Listen Playlist:

“Open” by Rhye

Once in a blue moon, you find that song that just makes you go, “Yes.” This track isn’t an exception. It is beautifully mellow, sultry and calming. Los Angles duo Rhye is composed of two very talented musicians, from Canada and Denmark respectively. If you’re in the mood for a swanky blend of R&B and alternative, this is your “yes” song. 

“Los Angeles” by Memoir

With husky, memorable vocals and an appropriating beat, “Los Angeles” is a fun tune to listen to while adventuring around the city with friends. The song discusses the misconceptions of the City of Angels and how there is an overwhelming disappointment many face when leaving the city. Okay, so it’s a bit dramatic but the lyrics still resonate with Angelinos.

“In the Open” by Benjamin Francis Leftwich

A mellow folk song, “In the Open” is a wonderfully touching ballad by the British crooner Benjamin Francis Leftwich. This song would fit perfectly in a coming-of-age story about the struggles of teen romance while set in a nameless, woodsy town. Okay, so a movie matching this description is coming out this weekend so perhaps it may be too late to include this. If nothing else, listen to this just because his name is Benjamin Francis Leftwich. 

“Voices Drifting” by The Holidays

Do you like pretty lights? Good, because this music video clearly borrowed one of the sets of Electric Daisy Carnival. Anyways, this song is recommended purely for the lightheartedness of it. They sing, “I don’t care too much/You say what you want/Slip away with me.” The Holidays clearly don’t fret about petty things and just enjoy making music and living their lives. Kudos to them. 


“Survivor” by Destiny’s Child

Because Valentine’s Day weekend is approaching, this song is all the more appropriate. Whether you have a significant other or you’re hanging with your best pals, everyone is a survivor for lasting through the expectations that Friday holds. The “weight” Valentine’s Day holds is irrelevant. Forget that boy, forget that girl, forget that gallon of ice cream at home. Our mamas taught us better than that.

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