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USC Baseball Preview 2014

CubSporrong |
February 13, 2014 | 10:53 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Sophomore Kyle Twomey, junior Wyatt Strahan and freshman Jeremy Martinez are just three of the key players on USC's baseball roster

#24 Twomey (SO/pitcher) -- After leading USC with 50 strikeouts last year and starting as a true freshmen … what are you most excited about this season, what do you think of your bullpen and where do you see yourself in the rotation? 

Twomey says, "I'm most excited about the team chemistry we've been building… this year's team is a lot more mature and we're returning a lot of Freshmen this year as well as a lot of big-time senior's that are going to lead us to what I feel like, is going to be a really successful season…I think our bullpen this year is going to be really strong, right now we've got guys who can do multiple things in the bullpen as well as start… I will be starting on Sunday for this upcoming weekend… at this point, I feel like everybody on staff could start or come in relief, whatever is necessary for us to win the most games, and we're all pretty bought into that."  

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#33 Strahan (JR/pitcher) -- As the starting pitcher for USC Friday night, what are you looking forward to and what are your predictions for the team-- specifically USC's bullpen? 

Strahan says, "As a team, I think we're most excited to get out there and play different opponents…I think the guys have been working really hard all fall and all spring in the inter-squad's… Personally, I am most excited to pitch this Friday night against Northwestern and hopefully every Friday night.. I think we got a good group of guys and we're ready to get out there and play."

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#2 Martinez (FR/Catcher) -- As one of USC's top recruits last year, what ultimately made you choose USC? What are you expecting in your first season playing college baseball? 

Martinez says, "I'm looking forward to spending a great season with the guys here… a lot of friends I made in this whole process in the fall and the spring… competing everyday with these guys… we got something really special this year with this squad, we all have our own little goal here to start our legacy all over again and bring SC back to what it used to be, we have a pretty good team and we're ready to compete… I chose SC because of the coaching staff here, when I heard Coach Hubbs was the head coach, we had a great relationship… Me and Gabe Alvarez go way back and also because of how much better I'll be coming out of college physically, socially and as a baseball player…" 

Players predicted to make a large impact on USC's upcoming season from the bullpen include Senior LHP Bob Wheatley who had a 2.78 ERA in 77.2 innings pitched last season and junior RHP Nigel Nootbaar, who led USC with three saves last season. Sophomore RHP's Brent Wheatley and Kyle Davis also possess starting potential. Sophomores Sean Adler and Brooks Kriske along with freshmen Jeff Pashke, Aaron Digiamarino and Bernardo Flores will also be included in the rotation.  

On the offensive side, watch out for senior infielder Kevin Swick, junior infielder Dante Flores, sophomore outfielders Timmy Robinson, Vahn Bozoian and Bobby Stahel, as well as sophomore infielders AJ Ramirez and Blake Lacey

In terms of defense, Coach Hubbs told USC athletics, "When we look at our potential defensive alignment, we have Kevin Swick at third, Blake Lacey at short, Dante Flores at second and first base is up in the air right now. We are looking at Jake Hernandez, Joe Corrigan, Jeff Paschke, AJ Ramirez and Turner Clouse to fill that spot. Behind the plate we have, Garrett Stubbs and Jeremy Martinez. Stubbs gives us a lot of flexibility as he can play multiple positions and we think Jeremy gives us a great option at catcher if we decide to do that. Frankie Rios will also be in the mix at second, third and short. When we talk about the outfield, you have Timmy Robinson in center, Vahn Bozoian in right and either Turner Clouse, Bobby Stahel or Omar Cotto Lozada in left."

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The Trojans are looking forward to an exciting 2014 season beginning this Friday, February 14th, at Dedeaux Field against Northwestern University. As Jeremy Martinez advises, "Come out to Dedeaux, find your Valentine's Date and watch some baseball." 

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