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UN Apologizes For Failing The Syrian Peace Talk

Taiu Kunimoto |
February 15, 2014 | 1:43 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

The two sides have yet to come to term with the formation of transitional government in Syria (Creative Commons/UN Geneva)
The two sides have yet to come to term with the formation of transitional government in Syria (Creative Commons/UN Geneva)
The UN mediator Lakhdar Brahimi apologized to the Syrians affected by the civil war due to the lack of progress in Geneva peace talk on Saturday. According to BBC, the talk that Braihimi held with the two opposing sides in Geneva was not at all productive as both sides were still far from agreeing upon anything substantial.

The peace talk that only lasted 27 minutes went nowhere. Although Saturday’s talk was the second peace talk held by UN in Geneva since January 22, Brahimi expressed that two sides are still refusing to agree on the formation of transitional government.

Opposition spokesman Louay Safi insisted on building a transitional government excluding President Bashar al-Assad, but the pro-government parliament says otherwise. Instead, the regime wanted to talk about relieving violence and terrorism from the rebel militias, which the opposition refused to discuss again.

The UN has yet to arrange and solidify the date regarding the third round of negotiation.

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At least 100,000 lives were taken away in the Syrian civil war since March 2011, and over 9.5 million people were uprooted from their home.

The UN Refugee Agency reports that the war in Syria has affected up to 2,476,485 people in the region. Despite the successful relocation of the majority of refugees Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, there are still approximately 47,000 people remaining to be registered in the refugee camps.

Even as refugees arrive in the camp, they were forced to face the harsh reality of life at the brink of survival, as they suffered hunger and low temperatures due to a shortage of food supplies and a brutally cold winter.

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While UN tries its best to reach a settlement between the two opposing sides as soon as possible, the struggles in the refugee camp continues.



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