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UC Berkeley Football Player Died After Workout

Kristy Plaza |
February 7, 2014 | 4:59 p.m. PST

Executive Producer


A 21-year old football player for UC Berkeley died after an early morning workout, according to The Daily Beast

Ted Agu, You will be missed. (Twitter/CalFootballEQ)
Ted Agu, You will be missed. (Twitter/CalFootballEQ)
Ted Agu played backup defensive end for Berkeley and earned Pac-12 All-American second-team honors last fall semester. 

Agu was doing a training run with his team near Memorial Stadium, supervised by members of the team's medical staff, according to ESPN

According to team physician Casey Batten, Agu couldn't complete the workout. So he was transferred to the stadium by cart. 

"He was on the back of the cart, he was talking, he was hydrating, he did not exhibit any labored breathing or other signs until he got to the north tune," Batten said.

Agu collapsed when he arrived at Simpson Center, the stadium's medical center around 7AM, according to ESPN. Agu was given CPR and then taken to Alta Bates Medical Center. He was pronounced dead upon arrival. 
Agu had no previous health problems or difficulties with the workouts, according to Batten. 

Agu's team and coach are devasted by this tragedy. 

"This is one of those tragedies that no one can understand and comprehend," head coach Sonny Dykes said at a news conference.

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