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Racist Flier Sent To UCLA Asian American Studies Center

Anna Sterling |
February 8, 2014 | 9:55 a.m. PST

Executive Producer

Flier via FreakOutNation
Flier via FreakOutNation

Police were still searching Friday for the people or person responsible for the racist flier sent to UCLA's Asian American Studies Center, according to KTLA.

The center received an anonymous letter Wednesday containing multiple racist and sexist epithets.

This act comes after 2011's racist  "Asians in the library" YouTube video by UCLA student Alexandra Wallace and another racist flier placed on the Vietnamese Student Union's office in 2012.

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UCLA spokesman Steve Ritea issued a statement on this latest act, according to CBS Los Angeles: “Chancellor Block has reached out to leadership of the Asian American Studies Center to convey his disgust and frustration over this letter. Furthermore, he has asked UCPD to pursue a full investigation and keep him apprised."

Read UCLA's Asian Pacific Coalition's official response here.

In a similar incident, USC’s Asian Pacific American Student Services received a flier filled with "sexist and racial slurs" on Feb. 1.

“Asian Pacific American Student Services did not want to give legitimacy to this individual or individuals full of hate,” said Director Mary Ho in a statement on the student services' website. “However, we feel the need to make a statement that is clear and direct. We will not tolerate such harmful, derogatory and racist slurs directed at the Asian Pacific American community or at any communities.”

Student services notified USC’s Department of Public Safety, and DPS will report any new developments with the case.

You can view the full, unedited flier sent to UCLA at Angry Asian Man.


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