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NBA Midweek Update: Post Trade-Deadline And Raymond Felton

Andrew Seah |
February 26, 2014 | 5:55 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

Raymond Felton was arrested on felony gun charges (Creative Commons)
Raymond Felton was arrested on felony gun charges (Creative Commons)
It’s been almost a week since the NBA trade deadline has passed. Sadly, teams slumbered towards the deadline, lulling us all to sleep. 

There weren't any Pau Gasol game changers à la 2008, unless Indiana flipping Danny Granger for Evan Turner counts. And even then, they essentially traded a washed up star for a perennial disappointment. 

But there’s still one thing to look out for post-deadline: potential buyout candidates. Traditionally, this is when contenders shore up roster weaknesses, find their missing piece or acquire a steady veteran who might make a difference come playoff time. 

Elsewhere, there’s buzz around Jason Collins’ new contract, Orlando GM Rob Hennigan’s unheralded roster moves, and Raymond Felton’s new gun fetish.

So without further ado, here are some bullets from the breakdown. 

Ball Don’t Lie: Raymond Felton, in the living room, with a revolver. The New York Knicks point guard was arrested after “allegedly pointing a gun at a woman.”

Sports on Earth: Another retrospective angle on the Felton: Did the Knicks make a mistake when they kept him and let Linsanity go? 

Sports Illustrated: Following his trade to Philadelphia, swingman Danny Granger has been bought out. Which contenders are favorites to snap him up? 

Yahoo! Sports: The Brooklyn Nets signed Jason Collins this past week, making him the first openly gay NBA player ever. This is some groundbreaking stuff and a step forward in a league that is broadly homophobic.  

SB Nation: Just how much impact has Orlando GM Rob Hennigan had on the team's revamped roster? Quite a lot, apparently. 

The Point Forward: Have the Houston Rockets made the leap to championship contender status? Rob Mahoney believes that they have. 

Grantland: Where will Timberwolves Kevin Love land? Bill Simmons channels his trademark verbosity in this week’s Love-centric mailbag. 

Grantland: NBA guru Zach Lowe picks out the most pertinent post-deadline storylines. Oklahoma City and Portland fans, dive in to learn why your teams stood pat. 

USA Today: Dwight Howard has some advice for fellow All-Star Carmelo Anthony. Given Howard’s track record with the media, this comes as little surprise. 



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