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LED Anniversary III at Valley View Casino Center: Review

Marisa Okano |
February 19, 2014 | 5:26 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

LED Presents
LED Presents
Just two hours south of campus is San Diego - birthplace of EDM giant My Life Every Day, or LED for short. LED began its wild ascent into raver-kid royalty just three short years ago, and to celebrate the company held its third annual massive at San Diego's 15,000+ capacity Valley View Casino Center on Sunday, Feb. 16. The venue was brimming with partiers ready to take their three-day-weekend to the next level.

SoCal rave pros know to anticipate expertly curated lineups from LED, and this sold-out birthday bash was no exception in the slightest. Partiers charged to the sports arena (known as the LEDome to die-hard fans) in their bright neon best to catch sets from Henry Fong, Firebeatz, Dannic, Ummet Ozcan, Adventure Club and Showtek. Walls shook for seven hours straight as the night raged on.

First perk of throwing a rave at a landmark sports arena? The spectacle. Stepping into this venue at the start of any given LED event is always a delight to the senses but this time, this stage setup was the stuff of legend. Though LED Anniversary was a one-stage event, the stage was backdropped by a lit wall that seemed to stretch lengthwise into forever. Aside from the stellar sound system tingling our eardrums upon arrival it was hard not to feel taken aback by the size of the stage itself that night - a significant boost in production value from previous years.

Up first was Henry Fong - a newcomer on the block who's been featured on plenty of coveted dance music lineups as of late.  The dreadlocked electro/progressive house producer warmed up the crowd with a medley of favorites - many with a stylish twist that kept the groove flowing.

LED Presents
LED Presents
Dutch duo Firebeatz are responsible for some seriously iconic drops, (namely, 2012 banger "Dear New York") and their knack for creating suspense was obvious throughout their energetic set. These guys tore it up once again by dropping plenty of the familiar made epic. Minds were especially melty after their unexpected inclusion of Botnek's tripped-out remix of Martin Garrix hit "Animals."

Powerhouses Dannic and Ummet Ozcan knew what the pumped-up masses wanted to hear and they certainly delivered with classic feel-good sets. Hardwell comrade Dannic pumped it up with plenty of progressive house sounds perfect for throwing up those heart hands to. A blend of Daft Punk's "One More Time" into Porter Robinson's "Easy?" Solid. Thanks to Dannic, no valentines necessary.

Adventure Club continued the love-fest that night leaving no genre untouched. The duo has won over crowds a-plenty with their style of downtempo dub and they delivered a good amount of it plus a wealth of rage-worthy tracks. Once they had closed it out with their chillingly atmospheric hit "Crave You," legendary headliners Showtek took the stage. With a sea of arms raised and the confetti aflutter, the A-list duo revved things up with their celebrated club anthem "Slow Down." Showtek's set pummeled on through the wee hours and featured everything from electro, prog-house to elements of their hardstyle roots before it all came to a striking close at 4 a.m.

LED Presents
LED Presents
This year's LED Anniversary was the third installment in what will be a series of many if the company maintains its impeccable standards for talent, production and visitor experience. Most of all, the passionate dance music community of the surrounding area is what truly brought the event to colorful life. They say three times are a charm and though LED's two previous birthday celebrations impressed, LED Anniversary 2014 was magic through and through.

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