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James Gordon, The Penguin, Alfred And More Cast In Fox's 'Gotham'

Michelle Man |
February 16, 2014 | 2:32 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

O.C.'s bad boy will now be Gotham's detective. (mkserialblog/tumblr)
O.C.'s bad boy will now be Gotham's detective. (mkserialblog/tumblr)
Remember that bad boy Ryan Atwood who wears a white tank top and lives in the Cohen's pool house? That bad boy will now be the new young detective of Gotham City in Fox's new series "Gotham". Ben McKenzie, who is known for his role as Ryan Atwood in "The O.C." and as Officer Ben Sherman in "Southland", has been cast as the lead-famous Commissioner James Gordon. McKenzie himself responded to the news by tweeting"All I can promise is I will do my best not to screw this up. Can't wait to get to work." According to a recent poll by TV Line, the majority of readers are excited to see McKenzie play the detective while some remain neutral until they've seen the first episode. 

The series will be penned and exec-produced by "The Mentalist"'s Bruno Heller. It will show how the young rookie detective, played by the 36-year-old actor, becomes the eventual hero that fights side by side with the city's Dark Knight. Gotham will also feature a young Bruce Wayne's journey in becoming the city's caped crusader as well as how the villains like Catwoman and the Riddler became who they are. 

Richards, Taylor, Guevara and Pertwee (mistahjslover/tumblr)
Richards, Taylor, Guevara and Pertwee (mistahjslover/tumblr)
Other characters that have been casted included Robin Lord Taylor from "The Walking Dead", playing The Penguin and Sean Pertwee from "Elementary," playing the iconic butler, Alfred. As for female leads, Zabryna Guevara from "Burn Notice" will be playing Gordon's boss Captain Essen while Erin Richards from "Being Human" will play Gordon's love interest Barbara Kean. Although there have not been any news about who will the young Bruce Wayne, Comic Book Therapy received the official casting call for the young millionaire and details of what he will be like: 

"[BRUCE WAYNE]: 11, son of Thomas and Martha Wayne. Dark haired, handsome, soulful, wise, strong willed. A kid with tragic gravitas…SERIES REGULAR" 

Fox's "Gotham" will be an interesting take on the prequel of the Batman universe. The series is scheduled to air in the 2014-2015 TV season. 

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