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An Inside Look At The Oscars' Governors Ball

Rachel Scott |
February 25, 2014 | 11:28 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

John Legend, 1,500 guests, 1,000 pounds of chocolate and 50 dishes—all for the biggest post-Oscars celebration, the Governors Ball. The ball will be the first stop for all the winners, nominees and presenters immediately following the 86th Oscars ceremony on Sunday, March 2. But before the stars enjoy all the festivities, Chef Wolfgang Puck and the Academy gave Neon Tommy a sneak peak of the official after party at the Ray Dolby Ballroom in Hollywood. Let’s take a look at the lavish spread for the Academy’s 2014 Governors Ball.

The edible statues are coated with 24k gold dust. (Rachel Scott/Neon Tommy).
The edible statues are coated with 24k gold dust. (Rachel Scott/Neon Tommy).

Hundreds of waiters will roam around the room with trays of delicious food to serve guests. The spread, crafted by Chef Wolfgang Puck and his team, will feature everything from Oscar-shaped salmon to Oscar-shaped chocolate. The mouthwatering dishes are mostly small portions or finger food. “It’s easy and fun to eat. One bite and you’re done! You can pick up as many as ten items and be done,” Chef Roman Lenoir said.

Oscar shaped chocolate, prepared by Wolfgang Puck. (Rachel Scott/Neon Tommy)
Oscar shaped chocolate, prepared by Wolfgang Puck. (Rachel Scott/Neon Tommy)
In addition, Puck's team has designed dishes with Hollywood’s diet in mind, creating vegetarian and vegan dining options. Not only will there be a trays of hors d’oeuvres circling the room, but there will also be a sushi and shellfish station, table platters full of hot and cold plates as well as a chocolate buffet. Although most of the dishes are small portions, Puck also crafted a few hearty dishes. The menu includes macaroni and cheese, chicken pot pie with shaved black truffles, and baked potatoes with caviar.

The design of the envelopes for this year's award show.
The design of the envelopes for this year's award show.

But, the Oscars celebration wouldn’t be complete without the nominees, winners and presenters. Neon Tommy was given a sneak peak of the official envelopes, which will be stuffed with this year’s winners' names before being presented at the show. The envelopes are handcrafted each year. “It’s exclusive and made in Hollywood,  exclusively for Hollywood. We use ten different processes. We use for different papers and about 120 yards of ribbon,” Marc Friedland, CEO of Couture Communications said. Friedland has been the man behind the nominee cards for the last four years.  “Each of the winners' envelopes weigh about a quarter of a pound. Hopefully for the winner, it’s a wonderful keepsake and memory of what happened when their name was announced,” he continued. When designing the envelopes, Friedland also takes a step back from all the opulence and keeps the design simple. “In its simplicity is its brilliance,” Friedland said. 

If all that isn't enough, here's a recap of everything the attendees have to look forward to, as well as a few fun facts below.

5 Fun Facts About The Governors Ball:

1) 13,000 glasses of beverages will be served.

2) 2,180 man hours to finish the event.

3) 6,500 wood-fired Oscar shaped flat bread.

4) 1,200 cupcakes will be served.

5) 2,000 chocolate truffles will be served.


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