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'Girls' Music Recap: Shoshanna, The Cruel Drunk Lets Loose Among Great Tunes In The Faux Hamptons

Cortney Riles |
February 17, 2014 | 2:21 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Elijah and Hannah are friends again (HBO)
Elijah and Hannah are friends again (HBO)

Marnie. Ruins. Everything. 

No but really, am I the only person that can see how much Marnie has and continues to screw everything up? 

I mean, I get it, she’s lost the love of her life and that’s seriously (as expected) messed things up for her and on top of that she’s trying to rekindle her old friendships. But this whole miserable, woe is me act is nauseating. 

I suppose I should be grateful, however, because without her controlling, paranoid, perfectionist, immature and flat out infuriating nonsense, we wouldn't have seen such a great—presumably the best—episode of the season. Side note: Yes, we missed last week but after last night it almost works out perfectly as nothing note worthy went down aside from Hannah landing a random job at GQ and taking over their snack room. 

As for everyone else. Last night we had the best episode of the third season. Maybe it’s because the second (incredible, I might add) soundtrack was released last week and Dunham felt the need to spice things up in order to adequately follow suit. 

"Feel Good By Numbers" by The Go! Team kicks off the tunes this week as the girls frolic around the pool and beach. In episode seven, "Beach House," Marnie borrows a family friend's shore home in Long Island and invites the girls to come up for a reconnecting /rejuvenating weekend. In true control freak mode, although somewhat of a sweet gesture, she assigns each girl a bed with nametag (placing an exclamation point after hers of course) along with fresh flowers on the nightstand. She put Jessa in the lighthouse because it's bohemian of course.

After some fun in the sun—where Hannah complains about the rough surface at the beach, Jessa shares that she can't go in open water unless she's menstruating and Marnie complains that the trip was meant to prove to everyone via Instagram (of course) that they can still have fun as a group—the ladies head into town to do some grocery shopping.

Hannah in her beloved "I'm not going to wear shoes or clothing because I don't want to," obnoxiousness, runs into Elijah and his friends after overhearing them making fun of her in her green bikini. "It's a good thing she's not as susceptible to criticism as she used to be," he says.

Her rage against Elijah is real...for about 2 minutes. After revealing that she doesn't want to make small talk with him, the former couple and best friends talk about how much they miss and think about each other, make up, make fun of Marnie and then head back to the beach house together.

Marnie then interrupts Hannah and Elijah's catch up session because she thinks she has a tick, but actually just wants to complain about having the guys over.

"I Just Want To Be Your Everything" by Andy Gibb blasts while the new friend group chats, laughs and drinks outside on the porch.


Elijah then notices that Marnie is alone in the kitchen preparing dinner (from the Art of French Cooking of course) and heads in to make amends. 

 "Halle Berry (She's Fine)" by Hurricane Chris changes up the mood as Elijah describes how in love he is with his new boyfriend (although they haven’t shared those three little words with each other) while Hannah drenches herself in water and takes shots. 


Elijah: "She's in such a great place right now." 

Marnie: "That's disgusting." 


This episode is all about the side conversations come to think of it. As Hannah switches her beverage of choice (from shots to white wine) she has an endearing covo with Elijah's new boyfriend. They bond over their boyfriends jerking off a lot. 

Then we find out exactly what happened with Marnie and Charlie. 

"So finally he called me and said, 'Hey, I want to talk about some things. I love you and I want to propose to you but I think we need to talk about a few things first.' So I grilled the pizzas and I wait...I wait and wait. Finally around 10pm he walks through the front door with a friend from work and starts packing up his things. He doesn't not say a word to me—me in our apartment—I'm standing there and he doesn’t say anything to me. And then finally he gets to the door and he's about to walk out and he turns around and looks me in the eyes and he says, 'I don't love you and I've never loved you.'"

BOOM. Now all of her craziness makes a little more sense. 

The melancholy scene is pleasantly interrupted by some choreographed dancing from the Broadway pro of the guy group in the living room, cue "You're Breaking My Heart" by Harry Nilsson. 

Marnie then let's it slip that she's "hanging out" with Ray Pogensky. 

After the girls gather to learn the choreography we snap back Hannah and Marnie chatting...about Marnie's abandonment issues. Excuses, excuses. But in true narcissistic form Hannah quickly places herself at the center of the conversation saying that she has the opposite problem, she can't escape her parents. Nice one, Hannah. At least they're bonding. 

Cue "House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls" by The Weeknd as the gang goes skinny dipping and Hannah tries to give Elijah advice about his boyfriend, who is using him. 

Things head south really quick, as Marnie expresses her frustration with the healing dinner she had planned for four that's turned into a not so intimate dinner for eight, after critiquing the "Breaking Your Heart" dance that followed the kid sized meal. 

"Dinner was supposed to be our time for honesty...but then you invited the cast of 'Magic Mike.'"

But then Shosh chimes in. Correction, Sosh loses it…LOSES IT on everyone. Consider every jaw dropped.  

She begins by calling Hannah a narcissist. 

“Ok well people have been calling me a narcissist since I was three so it doesn’t really upset me, so you have to choose something more creative”—cue the "Magic Mike" team to exit. 

Then she gives Marnie an earful about complaining about dinner. 

"Oh my god, can you chill the f--- out about dinner? Seriously that duck tasted like a stewed condom and I want to forget about it."

Jessa jumps in on Shosh's side, but Shosh isn't done. 

“You guys never listen to me, you treat me like a f---ing cab driver…seriously you have entire conversations in front of me like I am invisible and sometimes I wonder if my social anxiety is holding me back from the meeting people who would actually be right for me, instead of a bunch of f--- whiny nothings as friends.” 

Jessa steps in once again to get Marnie to lay off of the fact everyone won't always want to do what she wants to do, but Shosh comes for her too. 

"What is that some like AA bullshit? Seriously Jessa goes to rehab for five f---ing seconds and we have to listen to everything she comes up with." 

Jessa responds stunned saying, "Shosh you're a cruel drunk." 

"She's a cruel drunk and she's also not an intellectual," said Hannah. But Jessa is still on Shosh's side and tries to defend her, although Hannah think she's unstimulating.

"Unstimulating? What are we in like a f---ing Jane Austin novel? What do I want to be like you, like mentally ill and miserable?" Shosh responds.

Marnie wanted honesty and she got it. "You are tortured by self-doubt and fear and it is not pleasant to be around," Shoshanna yells at Marnie.  

It was nasty. It was unexpected. It was epic. 

We haven't had such a compelling episode since Hannah and Marnie danced around to Robyn, so it's about time. 

Where things will go from here, it's tough to tell. But not that everything's out on the table, we've finally heard from Shosh—the fact that it's what several have been thinking is just icing on the cake—hopes are high. 

The episode ends perfectly, with the foursome waiting for the bus back to the city as Hannah silently busts out some dance moves and they all join in. The "Girls" might not be the best of friends at the moment but there's no doubt that they're meant for each other. 

The Living Sisters “How Are You Doing?” closes out this week's tunes at the ending credits.  

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