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First Concert Of Oscar-Nominated Songs And Scores At UCLA

Jennifer Kuan |
February 13, 2014 | 5:32 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

John Williams will be conducting music from his score for "The Book Thief" (Twitter, via @geeksofdoom).
John Williams will be conducting music from his score for "The Book Thief" (Twitter, via @geeksofdoom).
As the Oscars loom closer, the Academy has announced that the first-ever Oscar Concert will take place on Feb. 27, just days before the awards are broadcasted. The concert will feature both original songs and scores.

An orchestra will play selections from each of the nominated scores, which will be conducted by their composers. In addition to conducting, each composer will have a brief on-stage interview with film critic and radio host Elvis Mitchell.

The concert will also feature performances of each of the four songs nominated for Best Original Song, though the performers for all of them are not yet finalized.

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Charles Fox, the governor of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences' music branch, has high expectations for the event. The concert is open to the public with tickets ranging from $75 to $100. He said, "It's never been done before and it's featuring some of the world's best composers."

While this concert will not be televised, Fox also reported that the Academy is planning to turn the concert into an annual event. It plans on broadcasting these future concerts worldwide.

As the music is played, images from the films will be projected onto a big screen, but there will not be any film clips. The concert is a celebration of some of the best music in film of the year, and Fox did not want to distract the audience from the music. The primary focus is meant to be on the music.

Some of the big names that will be at the concert include John Williams for "The Book Thief," Thomas Newman for "Saving Mr. Banks" and Alexandre Desplat for "Philomena." Idina Menzel will not be singing "Let It Go" at the concert, but she is set to appear on the telecast of the awards.

Fox hopes that the concert will build the excitement for the 86th annual Academy Awards and set a festive tone.

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