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Film Review: 'About Last Night'

Jillian Baker |
February 17, 2014 | 11:38 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant star in "About Last Night" (Screen Gems).
Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant star in "About Last Night" (Screen Gems).
Without a doubt, fast-mouthed comedian Kevin Hart is laughing all the way to the bank. With two hit movies currently in theaters, “Ride Along” and his latest flick “About Last Night," Hart has proved he is the new king of comedy.

“About Last Night” is the new-and-improved remake of the 1986 film starring Demi Moore and Rob Lowe. Directed by Steve Pink, the movie follows two couples’ struggle with love, sex, romance and friendship. Heartthrob Michael Ealy and Joy Bryant star as Danny and Debbie – lovebirds that have a simply romantic chemistry. 

But anything seems simple and romantic when compared to their chaotic friends, Bernie (Hart) and Joan – played by Regina Hall. Bernie and Joan’s relationship, or lack thereof, can be described as a mere “hot mess.” It’s libidinous, shallow, competitive and often results in shouting matches and angry sex – but it works for the dynamic pair.

Danny and Debbie may be paired with sex-crazed friends; however, their relationship blossoms through romance and love – emphasized by intimate bathtub scenes lit by candlelight and by the film's soundtrack featuring songs by John Legend, Bobby Caldwell, James Brown and more. They are the perfect couple to remind single moviegoers that “Yes, indeed, you are single.”

As the seasons change moviegoers watch as both couples are tested and questions surrounding commitment and fidelity surface – particularly in Ealy’s character who is nostalgic for his spontaneous, bachelor past.

Although Danny and Debbie serve as the main protagonist for the film, it comes as no surprise that Bernie – a misogynistic and eccentric character afraid of the L-word – steals the show. Hart’s wild and raunchy humor provides movie audiences with most of their laughter; however, Hall holds her comedic-own as his love/lust interest. Scenes between the two are often animated and ridiculous (insert the chicken mask) but it shouldn’t come as a surprise whenever the "Let Me Explain" star is involved.

Unlike most rom-coms, “About Last Night” is both a chick and guy flick – for the single and those boo’ed up.

Whether it’s because of the humor or motifs of love, sex and friendship, “About Last Night” is a movie for everyone – well, at least those 17 and over.

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