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Dr. Dog At The Wiltern: Review

Kendall Robertson |
February 28, 2014 | 7:17 p.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Opener Moses Sumney (Kendall Robertson/Neon Tommy)
Opener Moses Sumney (Kendall Robertson/Neon Tommy)
From the show’s opening acts to Dr. Dog’s final encore, last night’s concert at the Wiltern was a wondrous experience for all attendees.   

With a silky, soulful voice, singer/songwriter Moses Sumney captivated the audience with songs like “Dwell in the Dark,” “Alchemy,” and “Plastic.” His voice and lyrics were nothing short of mesmerizing.  

Though Sumney expressed his fear that his music might put the crowd to sleep, but his melodious voice and vocal range were both impressive and captivating.  

Sumney ended his set on the song “Replaceable,” in which he takes listeners through a beautiful break-up song with merely his voice and a looping pedal.  

Saint Rich (Kendall Robertson/Neon Tommy)
Saint Rich (Kendall Robertson/Neon Tommy)
Saint Rich was the next band to take the stage. Hailing from the East Coast, these New Yorkers and Jersey boys brought a more rock and roll vibe to the night with songs off their album Beyond the Drone. 

Performances of “You Ain’t Worth the Night” and “Young Vultures” prepared audiences for the smooth transition into Dr. Dog’s mysterious blend of chill rock, indie pop sounds.

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Opening with “Old Black Hole,” Dr. Dog took its audience through crowd favorites such as “Ain’t It Strange,” “Broken Heart” and “Shadow People.”  

Dr. Dog (Kendall Robertson/Neon Tommy)
Dr. Dog (Kendall Robertson/Neon Tommy)
After getting the crowd on their feet and dancing, Dr. Dog explored their darker side and “The Beach.” The dark red lighting used during this song matched its angry and angsty vibes.  

Dr. Dog then played several songs off their newest album B-Room, such as “Too Weak to Ramble,” “Truth,” “Long Way Down.” Performances of fan favorites from previous albums also included “Heavy Light,” “How Long Must I Wait,” and “The Rabbit, the Bat, and the Reindeer.” Finally, a stellar performance of “Lonesome” left the crowd screaming for an encore.   

After a brief moment, the band returned to the stage for a four-song encore of “How Long Must I wait,” “Nellie,” “Easy Beat” and “Oh No.”

Dr. Dog’s concert at the Wiltern on February 27th resulted in a happy, sweaty crowd. Pleased fans poured out of the venue at 12am, gushing about all three of the artists who performed.  

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