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Celebs React: Samuel L. Jackson Gets Wimpy Apology From KTLA's Sam Rubin

Heather Navarro |
February 12, 2014 | 3:02 p.m. PST

Executive Producer

Samuel L. Jackson is NOT Laurence Fishburne. 

(Creative Commons)
(Creative Commons)

Jackson is known for portraying "The Avengers" Nick Fury, that guy screaming on the witness stand in “A Time to Kill,” and that really cool screaming guy in “Pulp Fiction.”

You also know him from Dave Chappelle’s parody beer, Samuel Jackson

Where you don’t know him from is “What’s Love Got to Do with It?” where he beats the living daylights out of Tina Turner, or as Morpheus in “The Matrix.”

That’s Laurence Fishburne.

But as the world knows by now, KTLA’s entertainment anchor/reporter since 1991, Sam Rubin, flubbed this on live television Feb. 10.

During an interview with Jackson, Rubin asked Jackson about the Superbowl commercial he starred in.

That KIA commercial, of course, starred Laurence Fishburne, who we all know is NOT Samuel L. Jackson.

Rubin’s apology makes the scenario all the worse.

Rubin claims he was referring to the “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” trailer that also played during the Superbowl – NOT Fishburne’s KIA commercial. Rubin makes it sound like it was a communication error between the two. 

Celebs took to Twitter to comment on the embarrassing flub.

Conan O’Brien tweeted:

“I just found out the “L” in Samuel L. Jackson stands for Laurence Fishburne.”

Here’s how it went down. After Jackson realized Rubin mistook him for Fishburne, he began to fume.

He told Rubin, “We don’t all look alike! We might be Black and famous, but we all don’t look alike!”

He also asked him incredulously, “You’re the entertainment reporter?”

Rubin, incredibly flustered over the amateur mistake, kept trying to change the subject back to the movie Jackson is currently promoting, “Robocop.”

The interview wasn’t going well from the get-go.

Rubin asked Jackson, “Are you surprised the phone rings as much as it does?”

Jackson paused for a beat, and said, “Whose?” He continued, “Am I surprised? No. Why would I be surprised?”

Rubin looked nervous from the very start of the interview, which likely contributed to his error. 

Twitter made the same mistake when the commercial aired Superbowl Sunday.

Jackson told Rubin, “You’re as crazy as the people on Twitter.” 

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