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Celebrities With Hair Dye Syndrome

Barbara Estrada |
February 23, 2014 | 11:21 a.m. PST

Staff Reporter

Do you see yourself constantly looking up different hair colors online? Thinking of changing your hair color after just dying it about two months ago? Seeing a person walk pass you and wish to dye your hair like theres? If you said yes to any of the above then you have a hair dye addiction. Dying your hair can be exciting but damaging. The following celebrities are a prime example of hair dye addiction:

(Tumblr, @kimydash)
(Tumblr, @kimydash)
Kim Kardashian

The battle between being blonde or brunette is this Kardashian's dilemma. Kim has been known from the start as the curvaceous brunette with the reality TV show family. Ever since the break up of her ex-NFL boyfriend, Reggie Bush, she has been known to dye her hair blonde to mark a "change" in her life. However, shortly after she commits to the drastic change, she changes back to being brunette. I guess Kim doesn't know who has more fun: brunettes or blondes.

Hayley Williams

This rock 'n' roll queen has been known to have bright orange hair that almost looks on fire. Hayley Williams, the singer of Paramore, generally sticks to orange but has gradually gotten brighter, louder and shorter over the years. Whether it be orange and yellow, orange and pink or orange and red, Hayley feels comfortable with the color orange. Is it safe to say that orange is her favorite color?

(Tumblr, @flamesofoblivion)
(Tumblr, @flamesofoblivion)

Everyone's favorite good girl gone bad made hairline news when she debuted her bright red locks back in 2010. For a while that became her signature look, but then her hair got shorter and shorter. Finally, she decided to dye her hair from the trending ombre look to jet-black to gray. Nevertheless, Riri did have a period of hair dye indecisiveness but always kept true to maintaining her bad girl image.

Katy Perry

Using her hair color like a mood ring is always a great indicator for the man in your life to know how you're currently feeling. Before Katy Perry got divorced from ex-husband Russell Brand, she had bright colors like pink to represent the state of love and happiness she was in. After the divorce, Katy dyed her hair blue to represent the state of sadness and betrayal she was in (Being the voice in a surf movie also helps) and then she styled the purple hair dye to represent this new transition of independence and woman power. However, Katy always manages to use black as her signature hair color whenever she just wants to tone it down. I just hope that Katy doesn't decide to do the same with Mr. Mayer.

(Twitter, @DemiLov56849625)
(Twitter, @DemiLov56849625)
Demi Lovato

Let's give a round of applause to the Queen of Crazy Hair Dye Syndrome, Miss Demi Lovato. Every month Demi is styling a different hair color and can never decide what color to stick to. She herself has said that she gets easily bored and just simply dyes her hair to another color. I can't think of any other color that she is missing because she has done it all. From red to silver to pink, Demi has managed to rock all sorts of colors under the hair dye color wheel. 

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